In 2014

I went to:
-Amsterdam twice
-London twice
-Rock Werchter

…and I saw:
-The Rolling Stones
-London Grammar
-George Ezra
-Arctic Monkeys
-Trixie Whitley
-Ellie Goulding
-Ed Sheeran
-Ben Howard

I got into:
-taking polaroid pictures
-buying an awful lot of make up
-buying even more bracelets
-and if possible, even more scented candles

I did:
-the 100 happy days challenge
-one of the best concerts of our choir so far
-record a song in London at OntSofa
-get my license as a street musician
-get closer to people I already knew
-meet awesome new people who I can proudly call my friends now
-get my Bachelors Degree in Interior Design
-win something with an online contest for the first time ever!

I made:
-an actual table
-a few songs
-a few covers
-an account on snapchat
-an account on youtube
-important decisions
-good decisions
-my belly just a little fatter
-other people laugh
-myself laugh
-friends for life

Lots of love,


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