Back to school: what's in my bag?


Hey dudettes!
(I assume you're not a guy, if you are, I'm deeply sorry and I still love you).

Today was back to school day... Ouch!
Luckily, my new bag was there to soften the pain. 

I am so in love with this Oldschool Bag! It's leather. It's Denim. It fits with almost everything I own in my closet. And it's the perfect size for a lightweight school day. (Is that a word? I don't know. I mean it's perfect for a day when you don't need to take a lot of books to school. You get me.)

What's in my bag?

My pre-historical cell phone. Yeah, I know. I'm going to buy a new one. Some day in the future.

My iPod Touch, because I'm literally lost if I don't have it with me. 


Obviously, my car keys. I wouldn't get anywhere without them. I cut of my festival wrist bands a year ago, but I just couldn't throw them away. So now they're a key chain.

Some 101 stuff I especially need when I don't have it with me, so now I just always carry around just in case: Hand creme and deodorant from Rituals.

Beauty 101: the Clinique Almost Powder make up in the shade 03 light. It's very compact so perfect for carrying around for a touch up mid-day.

My Michael Kors purse. It's the most precious thing I own.

A planner. Because I forget stuff.

A little pouch with some medication in it, like pain killers, tablets for my throat, plasters... and also some hair grips and elastic bands.

My Macbook Pro because what else am I going to use at school? I am very attached to it and I fear the day it will breathe it's last breath. 

Last but not least my Frends rose gold headphones. They are just the cutest and very handy to take with me. You can fold them and put them in the little pouch it comes with, and it will take up half the space other headphones would normally take. And face it, they are just really stylish. That's what I'm doing it for.

What was in your back-to-school bag today? Let me know in the comments!

Denim Oldschool Bag, click here to buy.

Lots of love,


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