Brum Haul!


Hey friends!

Of course I did some shopping in Birmingham. This is everything I gathered there!

First of all I stumbled upon these acrylic storage units (finally! I've been looking for them for ages!) for my make up. I bought them at MUJI
It's a holder for my brushes, a 3 drawer unit for my palettes and stuff, and some containers for future travels to put my products in.

I went to Topshop and bought 2 little jewelries there: these gold minimalistic earrings and some black and gold sticky tattoos for summer (hello? Can I dream about summer yet, please?)

I popped in to Jo Malone to pick up my favourite scented candle: Pomegranate Noir.

Sale at Ted Baker! I bought this pencil case for my mum and a bracelet for myself. They're both bronze coloured with a rose gold bow on them. I adored these immediately so I couldn't NOT buy them.

Last one. This is the cheapest of them all but probably my favourite item I brought with me from Brum. As you may or may not know, I went to Shannon Saunders' concert while I was there. I had the pleasure to meet her and take a picture with her. I bought her cd and she was so nice to sign it for me. Forever in my heart, this woman. 

Lots of love,

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