Favourite Artist: Ben Howard



I'm obsessed. With music. With the specific music of a specific someone.
And also with the person himself. Because, well. You'll figure that one out yourself.

Ben Howard

I discovered his music through the Rock Werchter festival of 2012. I had not heard of him before (such a shame) and I actually did not see him perform that year! I went for one day, and it was not the day Ben was coming. I actually was watching the live stream and recap in the evening at home. And that's where I heard the first tunes of his songs.

I. Was. Sold. For the rest of my life.
His voice is so unique. His sound, at the moment, was so happy and inspiring and great to sing along. I think it was Keep Your Head Up that I heard first -or maybe it was The Fear, not sure- and that one is still my favourite today. Whenever I feel down, this song can cheer me up every time.

I then started listening to his album on Spotify. Started searching for older songs of him on Youtube. That's where I found a lot of his more acoustic songs, demo's, live performances... On of my favourites is the song Empty Corridors, the video is from 2008 (!). The way he does the percussion on his guitar while tapping the strings to make sounds, is just incredible. I think that's the thing that made him break through.

The year after, in 2013, I went to see him on both Pinkpop Festival in The Netherlands ànd Rock Werchter in my own country. On both performances, I was the front-row fangirl, jippie!
Here are some pictures I took.

Pinkpop 2013

Rock Werchter 2013

This year, a new album came out and I went to his concert in Brussels.
It was magical.

His new album, I Forget Where We Were, is a lot darker than the previous one, Every Kingdom. 
But I like it, still. They are not that kind of sing along songs as the Every Kingdom songs, but they are just as inspiring and calming. It's hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to,
 I'd say Time Is Dancing and All Is Now Harmed.

 Ben Howard @ Vorst Nationaal, December 2014

The most amazing musicians accompany him. India Bourne is the most talented woman I've ever seen and I adore her almost as much as I adore Ben himself. Chris & Bear Bond are also multi talented brothers that change up their instrument constantly on stage. The whole group is so amazing and make the most beautiful harmonies. 

To end on a silly note: let's get the elephant out of the room:
The man has a pretty face.
I just wanted to explain why he is so much more than just that to me.
He is more than just a celebrity crush that will be replaced next year.
This man is here to stay. He is my favourite artist of all times, his music
is the most beautiful I've ever heard. He inspires me so much to write my
own songs and be creative with the way I play my guitar. I've learned a lot
when trying to play his songs and figured out a lot of techniques.

He is my idol.
End of story.

Who is your favourite artist? Let me know in the comments!
Do you like Ben Howard as much as I do? If you are a fan of his music,
let me know what your favourite songs are, and what it is that you like so much about him. 
I would love to talk about him with strangers that share the same passion ! :-)
If you would like to know more about other artists I really like, please tell me ^^
I went to a fair few festivals and concerts so I could talk about my favourite
musicians for ages and ages!

Lots of love,

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