Favourite things - January


These are a few of my favourite things... 

That's what's going through my head when I think about writing this post!
I can't believe January is almost over and this blog is almost existing for a whole month. I've been looking forward to this post ever since I started this! :D

Favoutite posts will always include some beauty-related things and some non-beauty favourites.
I'm going to try to do these 7 categories every month: eyes / face / hair / body / jewelry / home / misc.

Yes, the eyes get a separate category from the rest of the make up, as I am obsessed with eye products!

Let's stop rambling now, shall we? Here are my January favourites!


I am loving my recent buy from Rimmel. It's the Kate eyeshadow stick in Rose Gold.
This is such a lovely bronze colour, it's the colour I have been looking for for quite some time.
I love the intensity of the colour as well, and it's such a lazy product: just sweep it on your eyelid and you're good to go, without any effort!


Another product from my recent haul is this highlighter from The Balm. It's the Mary-Lou Manizer, a highly promoted product by a number of YouTubers. It gives such a nice glow that is not too much in-your-face and is perfect for day and night. I just apply a little bit during the day and if I go out somewhere I use just a bit more to accentuate my cheeks. I love the packaging as well, it's such a compact little product (but with a big mirror inside!)


During these cold, windy winter days, I hate doing my hair because it gets greasy very fast and frizzy because of the moist weather. That's why I don't use my straighteners/curling wand a lot right now. It just doesn't make sense, straightening my hair and WHOOSH it's all messed up if I step outside. That's why this product, the Toni&Guy Sea Salt spray, is my best friend these days. It makes my hair look like I messed it up on purpose and not like I just got out of bed without combing my hair. I love the smell of this as well, it reminds me of men's perfume, I don't know why :-) But I love the effect of texturized hair and I will be using this a lot in the upcoming months as well. 


I got this body cream along with some other products from Rituals for my birthday last month. This is the Mei Dao body cream. The smell of this is so fresh and simple and calming and I just adore it. It moisturizes my skin so well without it being sticky. (I find that The Body Shop body butters tend to do that sometimes, or at least the fruity ones). It feels so soft on my hands and skin. If you never tried this before, I recommend that you do!


I bought these earrings at a shop in The Netherlands called BieZoe. I've seen these around in other shops as well, ever since the Chanel trend was spotted at Emma Watson's ears on the red carpet. I find these utterly classy and I can really wear these with anything. I thought I could only pull them off with classy outfits, but you can really dress them down and wear these kind of edgy as well. The shop lady was wearing a leather jacket and these earrings and it was so beautiful. I love them a lot. (They were also very inexpensive, around 7€!)


I bought another candle (shocking!) and this time, it was one from Rituals, the Under a Fig Tree fig scented one. I love Fig scents, they smell so subtle yet leave a really good smell in my room. There's really not much more I can say about a candle, other than "I like the smell!"


This little fellow hase been my hero for a lot of times! I took it with me to Birmingham as well, so I can charge my iPod during the day. I take it with me to every festival, because I take all the pictures with my iPod so the battery runs out quite quickly if I make a video or two. it's so small and doesn't take up any space in your handbag. It's a life savior, really, so that's why I'm giving it a shout out this month!

What are your current favourites? Let me know down in the comments! (if you did a favourite's post on your blog, you can link it down below as well! I'd love to check it out!)

Lots of love,

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