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Hey beautiful!

So, last week I went shopping at Six. It's my all time favourite store, where you can find the latest jewelry trends for only a couple of euros. I like that I can go there and spend a little money on a lot of pieces!

Here's what I picked up.

First of all I bought a bag. Again. I was looking out for a black handbag for a few months now, but I couldn't find what I wanted. This one is the perfect size, fits over my shoulder and had nice looking golden studs in a V shape on it. I love it and I will use everyday from now on.

I bought two pieces of jewelry with summer in mind. I can't really wear them right now, because it's still winter and I don't have winter clothes that go with these colours. But as soon as I start wearing dresses and tank tops, these will be around my neck and wrist. This beautiful turquoise necklace had gold chains and is a perfect statement necklace. I rarely pull them off, but over the last year I found a few necklaces that actually fit my face/neck. I don't know what it is about them, but most of these necklaces just don't suit me.

The bracelet has golden studs on it and is a lot less fragile and feminine. But I do like these kind of bracelets. It also has a buckle to close it. It's nice and sturdy looking and pimps up a whole look with it's bright colour.

Lastly I picked up some earrings. The two on the left are just basic diamond studs that I can wear on any occasion. I like to have some basics around in my (very big) earring collection. Sometimes big bright earrings just don't go with your outfit and these are perfect for this kind of situation.
The bunny earrings were a rather impulsive buy, I just think they are the cutest and I love me some quirky ear studs. When I wear them, it looks like they are jumping through my ear! 

The total bill of these 5 pieces was €66,70. Not too bad, I think, if you take in account that the bag was half of that. You get the right amount of quality for the right price.

Do you ever buy jewelry at Six?
What is your favourite item you bought there?

Lots of love,

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