Jardin de Chanel


I splurged.

The new Chanel Spring collection recently appeared in stores and I was so curious to see it.
I had seen pictures of the Jardin de Chanel: blush Camelia Rose online and I wanted to check it out as soon as possible.

When I saw it at ICI Paris XL (for people who don't now, it's like Sephora for French make up brands), I was too excited and immediately tested out this gorgeous looking blush. It's a lovely warm pink cheek colour. I thought it would be lighter on my cheeks, but the combination with the darker pink in the palette, it creates a very nice warm toned colour.

How beautiful does it look? I know, I couldn't leave the store without it. I did only ask for the price, but then the lady said they only had 3 of these in store, and because it's limited edition, it won't come back. That's what convinced me to buy it. At ICI Paris XL, it's always a bit cheaper, because they always give immediate discount on everything. It was around €38 there. Less than I expected for Chanel, but still pretty expensive for this little blush.

On top of all that, the product actually smells like roses! You will always leave the house in a happy mood if you apply this blush. You'll have the smell of roses everywhere!

I did not yet use this product. It's too beautiful to use right now, I'm going to admire it for a bit before I ruin the beautiful design.

If you want get your hands on this, I'd say don't wait too much longer, it will be sold out very quickly!

Lots of love,

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