Je suis Charlie.


Dear everyone who read this,

This is not really a post I wanted to do. But I've seen a lot of people in the blogging community sharing their respects and opinions about this. I may be 'late' on the topic, but I guess it just had to sink in for a bit, before I could express myself about it.

Credits: Rafael Mantesso
I hope I will make sense in my blog post, because I'm not sure if I can tell what I'm trying to say in English. It's hard for me to express something like this in a language that's not my native language. But I'll try.

It's a sad situation, the shooting that happened in Paris Wednesday morning.
In case you lived under a rock for the past two days, basically a group of Muslim extremists killed 12 people in the offices of the satiric magazing Charlie Hebdo. They make a lot of cartoons about social situations, political figures and religion. Sidenote: they don't mock only one religion; they make cartoons about Catholicism as well.

The Muslim extremists took their indulgence personal, and therefore attacked the editors of the magazine. This questions the freedom of speech of journalists, critics, comedians and cartoonists from all over the world.

We fought, and we fought hard, for this freedom of speech. It should not be a risk to make a stupid joke about something; Humour is something that puts everything into perspective. Humour is something that we're all guilty of. If it's just for the joke, we are kind of okay with it, and we should see it in it's context, not take every joke personal.

It's like going to a stand up comedy show, and when the guy makes a joke about women, shooting him for being a hater against all women. No, it's just something that we probably can all relate to and we should listen to that joke in the context that it was told. If you rip it out of that context, it can be offending. But not when you know it's just for the joke, and not a personal 'hate' from the comedian himself.

I hope this won't stop people from telling the thruth, making funny shows, doing stand-up comedy and making awesome drawings, graffiti, cartoons, pictures, art. I fear the day that we won't be able to share what we want to share. It's been such a great evolution, coming to the point where we can just create an account and start a blog and send anything we feel like sharing into the world. I fear that we are going to live in a dark era where everything we know and do on the internet, will suddenly not be able anymore, we just have to shut or mouths before we get killed, sanctioned, told off or frowned upon.

It's scary.
To know that something so close to home happened two days ago.
My grandmother was getting nervous about it. It's the little things that makes her think about the World War and everything; when we hear about everything going on in the world, we automatically think it's not such a big problem for us personally, because it's happening far away from here. But now, knowing that a thing like this happened in our neighboring country, and could happen anywhere here in Europe, it's scary. Just. Brrr.

My thoughts are with the family of the victims. It's awful that they had to die for something they just did to earn money or be happy and amuse other people. It's even more awful that they died for something they never thought they ever had to die for. 

Their freedom of speech.

Lots of love,


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