Lazy Sunday


Good morning!

So, anyone else loving the sunday vibes?
Sit back, relax and enjoy because tomorrow, it's all over.
This is what I do on days like this.

I started my day by sleeping in late and then be surprised with yummie crêpes, made by my dad. He makes the best crêpes. I always eat them with dark chocolate. 

 I made myself a nice cup of hot chocolate in my favourite mug. 

Then I took a nice long shower and put a face mask on. This one is the Lush Cupcake mask, and it smells like chocolate. I want to eat it. But I must resist.

Then I lit my Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon candle. It's the sweetest scent. Hm.

Relaxing to me is opening up my laptop and browsing the internet a bit. I always start with checking all my social media, then Bloglovin', then my mails. I also stream some series when I have nothing to do. I also prepared some blog post that will come up in the next week.

Then I filmed a make up tutorial which will come up tomorrow! It's a wake-up-make-up tutorial. I'm super scary to upload it because I'm so conscious of my skin situation. I might cut out the first steps. I'm not really comfortable with showing all my break outs on my skin. I don't want to lie to you lovely readers, so if I'm completely honest, I tried to cover them up as good as I could, but the picture down here is touched just up a little. I'm so ashamed of the bumps on my chin. Maybe one day I won't mind. You'll see in my video what my make up looks like. I tried my best.

I then read a FRAME magazine that's full of design stuff and really inspires me. 

But what relaxes me most, is playing guitar and writing music. 

So, what are your plans for today?
Let me know down in the comments!

Lots of love,

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