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Hey everyone!

Since I got into make up, I've been through a whole journey of products which I have loved and have let go, used up or thrown away. I want to take you on that past journey with me and tell you about the evolution of me growing into certain products and sticking with them.

This is the start of my Make Up Series. It's not weekly or monthly or anything, these will just randomly appear some day somewhere on my blog, whenever I feel like it.

Today we start with: eyeliners!

I started my eyeliner journey with eye pencils. I never had an actual black one. My mom always told me that that can be way too harsh. I think she said it because that's the case for her. She has very light blue eyes, and always goes for blue-toned eye pencils. I started with a blue one from Sisley, and I used it quite often. I don't use it anymore and I don't think I still have it. I've found way more comfortable pencils to apply later. I really adore coloured eye liners. My favourite ones are still the Mac ones. I love their formula. Here are three different pencils from Mac that I still love.

I started off way early with the Kohl eye pencil in Raven. It's a beautiful purple colour and has been well used in the past, as you can see. A little later on, I bought a Technakohl liner. It's so much softer to apply and you don't have to sharpen it. This one is in the colour Earthline and is a taupe colour. The upper one is one of my most recent pencils from Mac, although I have had it for a few months now. It's the Fluidline eye pencil in Atomic Ore. It works the same as the Technakohl one, I'm not sure what the exact difference is between these two. I've found out, while taking these pictures, that my gold one doesn't work anymore. I did not use it very often and I've neglected it completely for the past two months, and when I twist it, the product doesn't come out anymore... such a shame, I hope I can get it to work again!

About 3 years ago, I started wondering what it would be like to apply actual eyeliner. I was never adventurous enough to try it. Mom said she was never good in applying the paint eyeliner. So I thought, well, I won't be either then, since I always manage to spill everything. These last years, luckily, they came up with felt tip eyeliners that should create the same line but way easier. I figured that was a logical step for me. So I chose one that I thought would help me to learn how to hold a steady hand while doing that.

This one appealed to me when I was looking for an easy eyeliner, the l'Oréal Super Liner Blackbuster in extra black. It's literally like a marker, so I thought it would be easy to apply with a steady hand. It is, though, and it learned me a lot, but I wouldn't go to this product ever again. I only used it for a month or so. I can't really do the winged eyeliner properly with this one. It smells awful too, by the way and it smudges everywhere when I try to get it off in the evening. But it gave me a lot more confidence to go buy another one and experiment more with eyeliners.

I have used the Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner in black a lot after that! It was the first actual liner I could manage to do an actual flick with, because it didn't have a brush but a felt tip that was bendable. It did dry out rather quickly, and if I have to go back and correct with it, it tends to smudge out and wipe away the colour in stead of adding layers to it. I bought it in Forest Brown as well, but I haven't used it too much. I'm planning on giving that one another shot if it's not dried out already. For black liner, I stepped over to my current favourite down here, unfortunately it doesn't come in a brown colour.

Currently I'm using the l'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim in black (and sometimes in green, it's an emerald colour and it's so beautiful). The felt tip is less bendable than the Maybelline Master Precise one, so it's a lot more steady. It has a really fine tip to draw a really thin line, but you can build it up rather good if you want a thicker line. It doesn't  smudge out the already dry 'ink' on your eyelid, so yay! I finally found a liner to stick with. Now fingers crossed that they will make a brown one for this in the future.

I gave the actual paint-on eyeliner a go as well. I'm not too brave with them yet, but I tried out the Mac Superslick Liquid eyeliner in Signature Blue. It's a pot with a brush, but the brush is actually a felt tip too, so my reflex was 'just buy it already it will be the same as your felt tip pen thingies'.

I absolutely like the colour, but I really don't like the formula of this. First of all, it is really really really wet (I feel like I've said 'really' a lot in this post...) and also very thick so I can't figure out how to build it up a bit. When I accidentally go over the same spot twice and that spot was already kind of dry, it wipes off the product and I can't apply product on that spot again, it's so weird. I'm kind of disappointed by the formula. If I wear it for too long, it starts to clump up and crumble (yes, crumble!) off my eyelids too, which leaves me with excess product under my eyes. I only ever use it if I go to a party in the evening for just a few hours, but never wear it for a whole day.

So that is my question for you guys today: which eyeliner do you use? And do you have any recommendations for me to try out, especially something similar to the last one? I've heard about the Collection eyeliner by HelloOctoberxo, I don't really know if I just give it a go or not... Let me know what you think! ^^

Lots of love,

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