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I want to start a series on my blog. Inspirational Wednesdays. I'll post something that inspires me, motivates me, and maybe other people, every wednesday starting from now. Let's call it:


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I know it sounds obvious and cliché, but I keep forgetting this. Whenever I'm tired of my schoolwork, and things aren't working out as I planned in my head, and I'm slacking, and... My head is full of thoughts about quitting. "Well, if I just quit now, I can go find a job for a while. Or maybe I'll just go study something else. You know, I'm no good at this. Is this really what I dreamed of? Is this what I want to be doing for the rest of my life?"

And I have to stop thinking these things and just work hard. It's hard for me to do that, since I'm the master of procrastination. I'm having a jury presentation of my project at school next week. Still, I'm writing this blog at 10 past midnight in stead of working/sleeping. It's okay, it frees my mind a bit. It helps me to start being more positive in life, you know, talking about the thing I do and love and being able to share that with anyone who stumbles upon this blog. 

The reason I called this #NoteToSelf and not just "Note To Self" is because I want to start the conversation on twitter! If you read this, please just take 10 seconds of your time and tweet me @charline_st with this hashtag #NoteToSelf what your Inspirational Wednesday-quote is to keep you happy and positive in life, or something that you think you really need to work on. I will be happy to read it. Even if it's just one person :) Get involved!

Excited to be doing this every week. Pushing myself to find something that motivates me, reminds me to make myself better for myself and other people.

Lots of love,


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