... is what was going through my head every single evening for the last two weeks.
I'm number one procrastinator of the world, I'm sure of that.
I can't work on anything, unless I feel the pressure of time on my shoulders.

I had my jury presentation yesterday. I literally left everything until the end so when I actually HAD to start working to be able to get something done by the deadline, I had so much to do that my brain couldn't handle it. I wanted to start working on  everything at once, I just couldn't decide what was the most important.

To be honest with you, I'm pre-scheduling this post, so as I'm writing this, I'm still in that moment of "What should I do first? My mind is going to explode, But oh my, look at the time, I should probably get some sleep, but I promise myself I'll start doing everything tomorrow!" (This is probably the 4th time I'm saying this to myself and it just never happens the day after. Sigh.)

You know what? Writing this post actually gives me some courage. I'm spending too much time searching for new blogs to follow, because I just dived into this whole blogging world! I want to expand my following - thanks to everyone who already clicked Follow on my Bloglovin' profile! Love you love you love you - and I want to check out other bloggers who just started and give them courage by following them and commenting on their posts. I want to get some inspiration from 'bigger' bloggers too.

Maybe I should just stop rambling now, and save this post, schedule it for the day that you are reading this, and just start working for school now. #Priorities.

Hope you all do well at school or at work and aren't such big procrastinators as me!
Trust me, it's not fun to be like this! ;-)
Work hard and do your best.

Maybe you guys have some tips for me to stop procrastinating?
How do you keep your mind OFF the internet and INTO your books?
Let me know down in the comments or tweet me 
@charline_st with the hashtag #NoteToSelf.

Lots of love,

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