Hey peeps!

It's time for another motivational post.

This is something everyone should keep saying to themselves.
So many people have the fear to mess up, to fail, to be judged for a mistake.
And guess what, it's okay if you make mistakes. You don't know if you don't try.
And if you try, you either succeed or you fail, try it again in a different way, and then succeed.
As long as you don't make the same stupid mistake over and over again, failing is part of life.

It can be related to anything: taking a test, making something, challenging yourself at work, taking a job, putting that make up on your face, trying on a clothing item, walking on high heels, blogging, make a video, write a song, fall in love...!

Do you always try? Or are you someone who always says no?
Why are you afraid of making mistakes?
Do you have any tips for people who are?

Lots of love,

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5 reacties

  1. Great words of advice and inspiration. I've recently had a terrible time with work. I've gone from being in the same role for over 5 years and being very clear on what I wanted and where I was headed, to deciding to leave that role as I wanted a career change and trying out 2 new jobs in the last 5 months, both of which haven't worked out and I've left because they weren't the right thing for me. I'm still not sure quite what I want to do next and I'm back to square 1 this morning, unemployed and worried about what's going to happen. But I know that things will work out eventually. I just have to keep taking chances and trying new things. The only way I'll know is to at least try.
    Jenny x

    1. Aww, it sucks to hear that! Always keep your head up, Jenny!
      It's hard to change when you've always planned it out differently in your head. Just keep searching and trying and never give up. You will find the right thing eventually. Good luck! Xxx

  2. As I say, the only failure in life is the failure to try. These are some great words. I used to be so reluctant about trying anything new because I was scared of failing but now I've realised it's not the end of the world if I do, as long as I learn from it. xx


  3. This is so true. You learn more from one mistake than you ever will from getting everything right. I always try, mess up, then never do it again from sheer embarrassment or fear of failure-I need to stop doing this and learn from it instead..