Hey peeps!

This weeks' Note To Self:

It's stupid how I catch myself doing nothing all the time.
What a waste!
... is what I think, while I continue to scroll down my news feed on facebook.

Something along these lines that I did recently was start a blog.
I wanted to know what it's like to keep up with it, and I must say I'm doing quite a good job. I haven't missed a day since I started! The lovely people I meet via this platform are something I won't regret afterwards. I will have stories to tell, places to visit and people to meet up with.

Another thing along these lines, that I NEVER DO is talk to people I'm attracted to. I regret all the times I could have had a conversation with that one guy I liked, but I've always been too shy to talk to so now he doesn't even know me and I never got to know him. Isn't that just one stupid thing to worry about and to regret afterwards?

Maybe it's a good idea to start working today? So my future self will be thankful I didn't procrastinate? Something I will never learn, haha.

What's something that you did or didn't do that you regretted afterwards?
Or what do you think you have to do today to make your future self happy?
Let me know! ;-)

Lots of love,

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