NYE Party Look!


Hey peeps!

This will be my first actual blog post. I'm super duper excited to get this thing started in 2015.
What I want to do today is show you how I got ready for New Year's Eve. I filmed it and then took screenshots of it, so I apologize for the quality of the pictures and the lighting. You know, I'm no professional! ;-)

Here we go, if you want to see me pull weird faces while I put on my make up, keep reading. My outfit and hairdo will be shown at the very end!

I started with moisturizing my face and putting some eye cream on. I followed with a primer, The POREfessional from Benefit. It's a perfect base to keep your foundation on all night. It's essential when you have rather oily skin like me, so it's perfect for partying! 

I'm using the Clinique Even Better foundation in the shade 3 (ivory). It has medium coverage, so it doesn't look cakey on your skin, but still covers up most of my redness or blemishes

Next I'm going in with my YSL Touche Eclat. It hides my dark circles and brightens up my under eye area. I also use a little bit of this on my brow bone to give it a first highlight base. I apply it with the brush point and dab it in with my fingers.

The following step is the one where I use my favourite concealer ever! It's the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade fair (1). It lasts forever, and since I have had some breakouts lately, I really need the coverage of this. I've tried a few different concealers in the past, but none of them were as good as this one. It's even quite cheap (I think it's £3,99 in Boots?), but I don't have this product in Belgium. Too bad. I always buy an extra one whenever I'm in the UK :-)

To set everything, I take my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Silky Beige (005).

OK! That's the base done!
Now moving on to eye make up. 

I started with a primer for my eyes, because I have very oily eyelids and I wanted my eyeshadow to stay all night! I tried out the Urban Decay Primer potion in Sin that was included with my Naked palet. I never tried it before, but I must say, it stayed for a really long time! For me, this one is the first eye primer that actually does the job. My eye make up always creases after an hour or so, but this one kept it in place until the early hours! It started creasing after a good 9 hours, but hey, that's really good right? Excellent product!

Then I fill in my brows with the Mac eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown and an angled brush. It matches my brows perfectly. 

I applied it on my eyelids with my finger. I put a bit in the corner of my eyes as well. This Sin one is very shimmery, so my whole make up look turned out pretty glittery. Luckily it was NYE so the more glitter, the better!

I then put on some cream eye shadow as a base for the rest of the look. I used the Bobbi Brown cream shadow stick in Sunlight Gold. This is a beautiful champagne color, which is already very beautiful on it's own as an everyday cream shadow, paired with just a black eyeliner. I put it all over my lid and in the corner of my eyes, and a bit on the inner part of my waterline, to make my eyes extra sparkly. I blended it out with my finger.

I'm using the Urban Decay Naked Palette for the rest of my eye make up. This contains a lot of beautiful neutral colours, and a lot of shimmery colours as well. 

I'm starting with the first colour in the palette, called Virgin. I'm applying it in the corner of my eyes and onto my waterline, to make my eyes even brighter as they already are at this point! I also put a bit on my brow bone to highlight this area.

Next I take the colour Buck (fifth one in the palette) and apply it with my Mac 213 eyeshadow brush in the outer V of my eyelid as well as my crease, to create some depth and definition.

Then I line my eyes with the colour Hustle (number ten in the palette). You don't have to be precise here, it's just to get some definition around my eyes and my lashes. I'm going to put on black eyeliner later on. 

When the wings are pretty much the same on each side, I'm going to blend that colour to the crease. What I do is I take a bit more of the same eye shadow -which is still Hustle- and starting from the wing I just drew on, I swipe the brush to the crease. If you put your angled brush flat to your eye, it should do the trick. I do this to make it more of a smokey eye, so it looks quite dramatic above the eyeliner, and cleaner underneath the wing.

Then, still with the same colour, I'm going to apply it more on the inner corner of my crease, and pull it out to the whole crease. This is to create a lighter area in the middle of my eyelid, and make it a smokey eye.

Next I'm applying the Mac eyeshadow in Humid underneath my eyes on my waterline, and smudge it out a bit with my finger. It makes it an actual smokey eye look. The green colour complements my green eyes and makes them stand out really good.

To give it a last finishing touch, I'm taking the pretty gold colour Half Baked in the Naked palette (6th one) and apply it on the centre of my eyelids with my Mac 213 eyeshadow brush. It's the only place left on the eyes where there has not been any powder eyeshadow so far! Applying a lighter, sparkly colour in the middle of the eye makes it very festive. I also apply a little in the middle of my waterline to create the same effect underneath my eyes.

Next I'm drawing a regular winged line. It's easier now because you just have to follow the eyeshadow line that we created. Don't draw your line too thick. We already have a quite dark eye right now, we don't need to make it even more dramatic. Try to stay as close to the lash line as possible. And remember, practice makes perfect, and stay calm. It took me almost a year to be able to draw a good wing. If you rush it, you automatically fail! I'm using the l'Oréal Super Liner in Black. It has a felt tip and it's a good one if you're new to the game of winged eyeliners.

I'm trying the Benefit They're Real! mascara for the first time. It's a plastic brush, which I'm not too keen on, but it's an okay standard mascara, I guess. I applied a few coats and used the excess on the brush on my lower lashes as well.

Now it's time to finish our face make up!
To contour my face and too make it not look awkwardly pale, I'm using the Benefit Hoola bronzer. I use the brush that comes with it because I don't have a better brush for it (yet). It's an okay brush though. I'm bringing it up to my temples, around my forehead, a bit down to my nose, a bit on my chin and finally some underneath my chin and down my neck. (Don't forget that when you're wearing a dress, your neck might not match your skin anymore with all the make up on it! I always bring my foundation down a bit, then powder it along with my face as well, and then a little bit of bronzer, not too much).

For blusher I'm using my all time favourite Benefit box-o-powder Sugarbomb. (This is the first blush I ever owned in my life and I still use it today! Counting that I made a few repurchases since then.) It's a little bit sparkly and gives a nice warm rose flush to your cheeks.

For highlighter I'm taking this very recent purchased product, the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Pink Glow highlighter.

Finally, I'm taking my Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in the colour Curviest Caramel (01). It's a nude-ish colour, because (1) I'm not a lipstick person and I rarely ever wear it and (2) because we don't want to take away the attention from our beautiful eyes!


What I did with my hair:

I washed and conditioned my hair with the l'Oréal Professionnel Volumetry shampoo & conditioner.

Then I towel dried it and blow dried it until it was almost dry. Then I put in some Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturizing spray to give it a bit more grip later on. Then I just combed it to one side and put a hair clip in it, to let it dry completely like that.

I started to curl my hair from the back to the front (on one side! The other side had to stay very flat. I just left the hair clip in so I could secure it later on, but take bits of hair out at this point.) When that was done, I put in a lot of strong hair spray to make sure they would stay all night (and they pretty much did).

I then sprayed some hairspray on my hand and flattened the other side as good as possible. It gets rid of the little hairs sticking out and keeps everything flat like I wanted. Afterwards, I sprayed some more on it to keep it that way.

On the back of my hair, I did the same. I held it to one side, sprayed a lot of hair spray on it, so it almost held like that without bobby pins. I secured my hair with only two pins. And then sprayed some more, of course, just to be sure.

And that's it, easy as that!

My dress is from Vero Moda and my (very!) high heels are from Mango. I'm wearing earrings I bought ages ago so I don't know where they're from. I'm wearing some gold transfer tattoo thingies as bracelets, and a black and gold Ice watch to match my dress. 

That's all folks! 
What a long, first blog post! Phew!
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve,
and may all your wishes come true in 2015.

Lots of love,


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