Planning ahead


Hey peeps! How are y'all doing?

I want to do a kind of in-between post today, since I've been blogging so much lately.
I have such a tight scheme on the daily blogging that I feel like I can't do this kind of post ever.
Then I remembered it is MY blog and I can do whatever I want! Isn't that great?

I have been sceduling posts like crazy today. All my posts up until next Wednesday are planned and written and scheduled and waiting in line to go up at 10:00 am, one at a time.
It feels good to know that that gives me some time off for the next weeks. I do want to maintain the daily blogging, but I know it will get busier at school next week, so I wanted to plan my posts ahead and bulk photograph all of the pictures I need for next weeks' posts, film a video too and I just couldn't stop right there. I just needed to finish the posts so they are up and ready.

I wish I was this dedicated at school. And I wish I could plan as good as this in real life. I mean, for the rest of the things in my life. I'm a procrastination queen, but with blogging, I tend to feel the exact opposite and I'm just so excited to buy things and share stories and take pictures and write write write and make you guys happy! I've seen my blog grow over the past month and I'm so happy with the evolution already.

Well there you had a few little sneak peeks into what I'm up to for the next weeks. I love this planner from Paperchase (not sponsored, although I wish, because I adore everything they make!) I have a nice view over all the upcoming weeks. There's even a little box that's free for any kind of notes, which is crazy full of ideas atm!

I'm having a good feeling about this planning out my blog. I will keep a tight schedule and post consequently on 10am every day. Whenever I feel like just having a chat with you, I'll just do these random in-betweeners. 

Come and say hi in the comments below! I always enjoy reading those so much! Even if it's only one every day, it doesn't matter, I like it and it makes my heart feel warm.

Love you lots!

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