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Hello beautiful!

With modern technology today, we are used to taking hundreds of pictures in a day, especially when we're on vacation. We take on average 5 pictures of each thing we see, so we can choose the best one later. We then upload them onto our computer, edit them a bit, maybe put a nice effect on them and off they go, ready to send into the world wide web. On a facebook photo album or on instagram, ready to never to be seen again in the future. 

Last year I bought myself a Fujifilm Instax mini 8. It's fun to experience the old days, where you only had one chance of taking the picture. Then after a week or two, when the pictures were developed, we would see the result. No re-do's. Just put them in the photo album or throw them aside. 
The fun about my Fujifilm Instax mini 8 is that I only need to wait a couple of minutes to see what the little photo looks like. I'ts all the hype now, I guess. Whenever I take it out of my bag, people are saying: "Oooohhh you have one of those thingies, so cute! Let's take one".

It creates a lot of fun memories, and I wanted to document them, so they are collected in one place all together. I made a little scrapbook, which I'm going to show you today.

These are only just a few pages of my little scrapbook. It's so fun to make these collages, and I'm experimenting with decorating the pages even more. With washi tape, little doodles, stickers. I can be creative differently every time. 

Chapter 2014 is closed and 2015 is wide open. I'm excited to take even more fun instant pictures this year.

Do you have a book or a memory box like this? Let me know down in the comments what you do to collect your moments from the past!

Lots of love,

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