Taking down the Christmas tree


Hi Lovelies!

It's that time again... Christmas time is officially over :'(
My favourite little disco tree had to be buried in his box today.

Let me show you what it looked like this year.

I bought this little white plastic tree a while ago at De Bijenkorf. It's a Dutch chain store where you can find literally everything! Most of the baubles and decorations I bought there as well. The tinsel, disco baubles and the star on the top are from the brand Paperchase, last year's collection. (I am in love with this brand by the way. They make such cute stuff!) 

I am so glad I found this little translucent star last year that fits the size of my little tree perfectly! It has an LED light inside of it, that changes colour when it's on. It works with batteries.


These angel fairy lights are from De Bijenkorf as well, I can't remember the brand; they are quite old but still work perfectly. It makes the light in the tree not as harsh and gives it a nice extra decoration value.

I have 3 amazing music note decorations which I bought at De Bijenkorf too. Because music is my biggest passion in life, I always jump up and down when I see stuff like this. The glitter, they sparkle, they are gold, they are perfect!

I have two of these Mickey Mouse disco ball baubles I bought in Disneyland Resort Paris. If you ever find yourself there around Christmas time, make sure your eyes don't fall out. Disneyland is so cosy and pretty around that time, and you can buy the most beautiful christmassy Disney stuff. 

My two friends standing right next to the tree are from HEMA, also a Dutch chain store, but we have it here in Belgium as well. They light up too!

The pluche decorations in my tree are from the same collection. I thought they were just the cutest, and because my Christmas tree cannot be colourful enough, why not just hang them in there with the rest!

To conclude this, here's a little timelapse I made of myself taking down my tree... in reverse! 
Just for funsies!

Now, if you read this, please join the conversation. Do you like Christmas as much as me? Are you too very sad it's over? How do you fill in the empty space where your tree used to be?

Lots of love,


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