Travel Essentials: Packing for Birmingham


It's almost time!!!

I'm leaving for Brussels tomorrow, where me and my friend are going to see James Bay's concert. On thursday, we hop on the Eurostar for Birmingham. On thursday evening I'm going to see Shannon Saunders at her first headline tour! On Friday I will be visiting my friend who has been living there since September. I'll be leaving for home again on Saturday.

These are my travel bag essentials I'm taking with me.

I'm taking my dark blue Longchamp bag because this one is big enough to fit everything in it. I can close it entirely so pick pockets are not able to get inside my bag! Apart from all the essential stuff like my cell phone, money etc., this is what I take with me in my bag so I have it close to me at all times when sitting on the train.

First of all is my little brown purse where I put all my tickets in, as well as some maps. It's good that I have it all together in one place.

I'm putting a miniature hand creme and deodorant in my bag as well, because I like to have it with me at all times. 

Next up is my camera - I'm taking my DSLR but I took this photo with it, soooo, you get it! - so I can take lovely pictures and post them online on Monday (hopefully! don't shoot me if I can't, I don't know if my laptop will be fixed by then!).

I carry my iPod around at all times, accompanied with my Frends rose gold headphones. It's going to be a long travel to Brum, so I will need some music for my ears. I'm also taking a book so I can read a bit. I'm reading Paper Towns by John Green at this moment.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is going with me as well. I'd love to take some really cool instant pictures there, that I can put in my little scrapbook

Lastly, I'm taking my scarf because 1) I think it will be cold in Brum 2) I think it will be cold on the train 3) I need a cusion when I want to sleep on the train.

What are your travel essentials for a city trip? Let me know in the comments!
Any recommendations for me to do in Birmingham?

I have been writing blog posts all weekend, so I could keep up with my daily schedule!
I would love to read your comments after I come back, so please don't hold them back. I WILL answer them on Sunday, probably.

Lots of love,

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13 reacties

  1. I so want to get my hands on those Rose Gold earphones! I'm a new follower

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Thanks for following! If you contact me in about a week or so, when my laptop is back, I'll follow you back on bloglovin'. Because of you I'm now at 300 followers so DOUBLE YAY! Xxx

  2. Love those headphones! I need to add an Instax to my wishlist, because I keep seeing them around and I'm falling in love. :) And the tartan scarf is so pretty. Hope you have a great trip!

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

  3. Have fun, dear. xx

  4. Enjoy your trip! I'm sure you'll love Birmingham, its great for shopping! Paper Towns is a great book as well x

  5. i got instax for christmas, but the bigger one, because it takes bigger photos, but hey, smaller is nice too :) anyway, have fun and enjoy it over there .)

  6. I want an instax so badly but I feel like it would be cheaper just to have stuff printed... still! It's such a cute idea! Also I have been stalking those Frends headphones on Net-a-Porter for so longgg.. my wishlist is wayyy too long!

    1. I love how the headphones only take a very tiny space in my bag because they're foldable and I love how they are rose gold and not too big looking! The sound quality is rahter good as well. They are quite expensive though, I know :(

  7. safe travels!


  8. Oh I really want one of those cameras! Lovely photos and perfect travel essentials!

    Katy x x

  9. It is literally freezing in Brum so good call on the scarf. And that camera is adorable, hope you enjoyed the concert!

    1. Good thing I brought all my warm clothes. It was so cold out there! I'm back in Belgium now, it's been snowing here. Haha!