€20 make up challenge!


Hey beauty lovers!

I've really gotten into the swing of this. I tried to film another tutorial / challenge for you.
I've seen the $20 make up challenge before and UK vloggers tried to convert it to £10 but it's kind of impossible. Make up - and everything in general - is cheaper in America, because currency and whatever. Therefore I did not convert the $20 to euro (which would be around €17,50) as it would be impossible, but I did manage to get a whole make up look for €20! (Well I cheated by 2 cents but that doesn't really make the difference does it?)

I'm shocked that I actually managed to do a whole look for this little money. I had to give up some steps I would normally do like powder and bronzer, but I think it was quite alright. Here's the tutorial! Review of the products and close up pictures are down below.

I'm sorry all the product close ups are out of focus, I didn't realise until I was editing. You can scroll down to see HQ photographs!)

Some of these products will only be available in Europe, such as the Hema brand, or the 2B one, I 'm not too sure where that one's origins lay. Anyway, I thought it might be interesting for people living in Belgium and The Netherlands as well to see actual products that are available in our countries! Let's get to the reviews!

I started my make up look with the 2B CC cream All-In-One Skin Correction in the shade 03 Peach. I tried a few shades out in the shop on my hand, and this one seemed to match me the most. It looked like the CC cream had a lot more coverage than the BB creams. Don't ask me anything about these products, I'm no expert at all at this kind of thing. I always use foundation because I need more coverage than a tinted moisturizing cream, but this one product was the cheapest I could find that was closest to the foundation step. When I applied it, it felt really okay, much better than I expected. The coverage is light to medium, I should say. It doesn't cover enough for me, but hey, for €5,50 it's quite alright. It blended nice into my skin so it doesn't look caky. All in all, this is a lovely product and I think I will keep it for good skin days. Warning: not for dry skin. I found it dried mine out a bit after applying it, but I have quite greasy skin so it's manageable. 

I went to Hema to see if I could get any cheap tools, but girl was I wrong! I gave up on the search for a proper brush immediately as it was not in my €20 budget. I saw this concealer stick and picked it up in the lightest shade, 01 Light. It was only €3,25 and I figured I wouldn't find a good concealer for less than that. I really need a lot of coverage on my spots. I feel the lightest shade was not light enough for my skin. The coverage is alright but the product is quite drying for my skin. I don't think I like having dry looking bumps on my face. I prefer something more liquid which I can set with my powder. Okay coverage but so dry and also very stinky! I couldn't bare the smell of it on my face so I took my make up off immediately after filming the video! Such a shame. I wouldn't recommend this product.

Next up I went for eyes. I love doing my eye make up so I really didn't want to give up on this step. I went to H&M and found some really good bargains in their make up section. I saw this palette for €4,99 and it includes an eyeshadow/eyebrow applicator, 3 eyeshadow shades and 3 eyebrow shades (which are just as well matte eye shadows). 

I applied the lightest eyebrow shade on my brows with the angled brush side of the applicator. The eyeshadow has enormous fall out, it's chalky and doesn't stick to the brush at all. The brush it rather scratchy. But hey, I didn't give up on it and tried to handle it as good as possible. Next I applied the lightest eyeshadow in the corner of my eyes. It's not very pigmented so I had to use a lot of it to actually show through. I really don't like the sponge applicator either, but I didn't have a choice. I applied the second colour on my entire eyelid, and after a while I figured I could apply it with my finger just as well and that was a hell of a lot easier! I applied the darkest eyeshadow in the crease with the applicator and then blended it out with my finger. I wanted somewhat of a line around my eyes as well so I tried my best to put the darkest eyebrow shade on the applicator and put it as close as possible to my lashline. It's more of a smudgy look, I guess :-) all in all I'm happy I've found this palette for that price, so I wouldn't have to skip the brows or the eyeshadow.

This "Volume Mascara" is also from H&M. I say "Volume Mascara" because I didn't really notice the "volume" part of it. It was €2,99 so an absolute bargain, I figured. I like the brush, it's not a plastic wand but an actual brushy wand. (You get what I mean.) But the product itself smelled so yucky. I don't know what it is with me and the smell of things, but I just really don't like it when products that I apply to my face, stink. However the mascara looked alright, it wasn't volumizing at all. Liar liar pants on fire! I like the packaging though. An okay mascara for little money.

Last product I went for is a lipstick. I didn't want to skip that either, not for me but for you lovely people! I know a lot of you love lipsticks, so I thought I would have to buy one. The cheapest one I was able to find is the NYC Expert Last lip color for €3,29. I found a lovely shade that I could apply on my cheeks as well. It's the shade 433 Peach Fizz, a beautiful rosy pink color with a bit of shimmer in it. And this one, ladies and gentlemen, smells AMAZING! Nice and fruity. Yummy.

This all makes a total of €20,02, which I think is a great job!
Tell me what your favourite cheap product is down in the comments,
and if you like these kind of posts/videos, let me know! What would you like to see me do next?

Lots of love,

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12 reacties

  1. This just goes to show you that you don't need to spend a fortune to look gorgeous :)
    I don't even know any of those products but they all sound amazing!

    Allie I RainyAllie

    1. I didn't know them either. I love to try new stuff and this was the perfect excuse! ;) x

  2. It does make you wonder about the money you spend on Make-up and if it is actually worth it. It's a shame you didn't find a really good cheap foundation and concealer. I have dry skin and could probably not use these.
    But the eyeshadow palette from H&M sounds pretty good. As does the lipstick from NYC. Definitely Handbag candidates.
    I must say I don't know any of these brands. Well except for H&M.
    Sounds like a fun tag. I might give it a go. I must agree though, everything is more expensive in Europe. It would be nearly if not impossible to do a whole look for 10£.
    xx Dandy I www.dandelionblue.co.uk

    1. Yeah maybe if I tried them out before I filmed it, I could have searched for another concealer. But then the point of only spending 20 euros would be gone so... :D maybe I will do an 'updated' version of this in the future, if I ever run out of ideas.

      If you do the tag, please do let me know! I suggest you do a £20 challenge then. That's why I didn't convert the 20$ to euros, because it would be impossible. I recently discovered some drugstore products are SO overpriced here in Europe! I read that the Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream shadows were around 5 or 6 pounds in Boots in the UK? they are like 13 euros over here, which is around 10 pounds I guess? can you believe that? haha.
      Wish I lived in the US, just for that :D (massive hauling if I ever go there!)


    2. Oh my. That's terribly expensive. That would be the budget gone in one go haha. The good thing in the Uk is that boots often has sales, deals or offers. I think a lot of people that did this challenge in the Uk rellied on that.
      I definitely would have a huge haul if I ever went to the USA.
      Yes I don't think that the point of this challenge is to spend 50£ testing out cheap products to find the best. Ha. But it's interesting that it is difficult to find goos cheap concealers and foundations. Seems that's where it might be worth spending a little more money. An updated version would be fun tough.
      I will definitely let you know when I do the tag. xx Dandy

  3. Doing this for under $20 here would be absolutely impossible, unless I went for all the cheap brands from Walmart, ha! The H&M eye palette looks lovely, though! xx


    1. Thanks! Yeah it is very difficult. I tried to search for actual good products... Too bad it didn't work out with the concealer :( x

  4. The H&M palette looks really good! This is such a fun post which is why I'm nominating you to do the Infinity Dreams award. All the info is on my blog - OhjustAlice.blogspot.co.uk

    Thanks x

    1. Aww thank you honey! ^^
      I will do it as soon as possible; The next 2 weeks are already scheduled ;) I'll do it after that! Pinky Promise! I will let you know when I do it ;) xx

  5. the H and M palette looks lovly :) x

    i'd really like it if you checkout my last post Love tanya by tanya burr it's such good book


    1. I will! I still have to start reading Zoe's book first haha :) I'm planning on buying Tnya's book too so I can't wait to read your review ;)

  6. LOVE your blog, bookmarking it <3