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Hey everyone!

So, I don't mean to brag or know better, because I know I'm not the best blogger (yet) and I still have to learn a lot of stuff to become better at this, BUT!
Sometimes when I see a blog, something about the posts kind of annoys me,
and I always try to say it to that person, if that's the case, so they can keep it in mind
and try to focus on it the next time. Everyone deserves to be helped, in the perspective of colleague-blogger but also in the perspective of the reader.

So, these are 7 tips that I find very helpful and I try to do when I write a post
(or that I am still working on to improve in the future).

1. Schedule & be consistent:
If you just started blogging, you are full of ideas and tend to post them all at once because you want to share everything you know. Try to keep some of those ideas for the future though. It's handy to have something in mind for when you have no ideas.

If you promise your readers to post everyday, they will expect a post every day. If you can't manage that, try to blog every other day, once a week... If you blog less than that, people will actually not be interested to stay subscribed or follow your blog on platforms like bloglovin'. At least, I'm not. It 's sad but it's the truth.

Consistency is key to this. If you think you don't have time to blog every day, just take one moment in your week to write down ideas and schedule your posts. That is what I do. I write on my blog 1 day in the weekend, so the posts for a whole week are ready to go up on my blog. I take one moment of that day to bulk photograph everything I need.

Just try not to share everything immediately. People who write 3 blog posts on one day, then don't write anything for 2 weeks, it's just not fun because you never know when they are going to post. It gives the impression that you are not dedicated to your blog. If you just do it for fun and to keep some kind of diary for yourself, it doesn't matter. But if you want to attract some readers that stay put with your blog, just be clear about how often you post so they know what to expect.

2. Eye for photography
Do you ever catch yourself scrolling down your bloglovin' feed and clicking all the posts with nice pictures? This is what attracts people most. Even before they read the title, they will see the picture. I always try to make the first picture some kind of round up of what the post will be about. Will it be a haul? try to give an overview of all the products in some kind of composition. Will it be a review? Take a really clear and nice shot of the product you're about to talk about.

I'm not quite there yet with the professional photography, but I try my best to make nice pictures. I improved a lot since my first post. Lighting is key here. Try to find the spot in your house/room where there is the most natural lighting. Have neutral background or table to place your object(s) on. Lastly, have an eye for detail and composition. Most people try to decorate a bit with flowers or jewelry, a candle... I have some little stones to spread around so the picture is not too 'empty'. Just try to keep these decorations as neutral as possible, or try to make it one themed picture. If you talk about nail polish, get some rings with it, for example. A magazine is always a good'un. I never tried this but it just adds a lot of colour to the picture.

Just make sure the first picture (that will appear with the post on bloglovin') is one that attracts.

3. Be clear: post lay-out
Try to organize your blog and your posts. If people see a lot of text in one piece, they will be TL;DR. This one is a long post for me personally, because I wanted to change it up a bit. I know people who are not interested will not have made it up until this point. But for reviews or hauls, I try to add some pictures in between, so the pieces of actual text in between are not too long to read. try to add enters in your text, it just makes your post a lot easier to read.

If you do a haul or anything, it's handy to view all the items together in the first picture, but while you are reading the post, to add some pictures of the products separately. It's a first world problem, but I don't like to scroll back to the top every time to see which product someone is talking about. If it's a long post, try to add some in-between pics so people can see the product while they are reading about it.

Lastly, pay attention to the font and the font size on your blog. I hate to read fancy text for a whole piece. It's nice to have it in your title, at least I think, that's why my blog title and post titles are a bit fancy schmancy. But the actual text in my post is a standard font that is readable. Also the size and the colour of your text is very important. If it's very very light grey on a white background, it's not easy to read. You can have grey text, just make it a tad darker so the contrast between the text and the background is a bit bigger. It just makes it a lot easier. Same for the size. Don't make it teeny tiny so I have to press my nose to my screen to be able to read it. I probably won't take the effort of reading your blog post.

4. Build up your post
The title says it all.
Describe in a few words what your post is about.
If you like to be quirky, that's cool too. Just try to be creative with puns. You want to say the topic, without being straightforward. Try to come up with a cool title that triggers people to click and read your post.

I always start my post with a greeting and a short introduction to the post. It's nice to know what you are about to read. Make it a short little sentence so people are curious, or just give an alinea of information so it's clear what the post is about. Then I always insert a round up photo, as described as before.

End your post with a thank you and/or a question about the post(e.g. what are your favourites from brand X, what have you been loving this month, have you ever tried this product, what do you think about this, ...) It creates interaction in the comments and people can share their blogposts on this topic too.

5. Keep a notebook
... or a note app. Just, have something with you to write down an idea when it pops into your head in the middle of the day. Make sure you don't forget it when you actually have the time to write a post.

6. Interact
Read other blogs and comment on their post. Be nice! Say what you love, if you see something they can improve, try to say it to them. If you are nice and supportive, you can paste your link to your blog or a blogpost in the comment as well. They won't mind if you give a good comment on their post. Don't just say 'Lovely post, here is my blog: [insert blog]'. Try to give a meaningful comment, answer the questions on the end of their post and compliment their choice of products, writing style, photography...

7. Have fun!
After all of this, you still have to have fun. Blogging is all about liking to share your ideas or knowledge, entertain yourself and your readers, getting to know other people in the community and reading lovely comments on your post. Don't ever write something because people will love to read it, when you don't like it yourself. Just write about what YOU like and what makes you comfortable. I'm sure there is someone who will love your blog post.

I hope this was helpful to a lot of you.
If you ever have any tips for me, don't hesitate to say what you think about my blog.
I always try to improve it.
Honesty is very much appreciated!

Lots of love,

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