Dear 16-year-old me,


Five years from now, you will write this letter to yourself, trying to explain how you are in twenty-fifteen. Trying to remember what it was like five years ago. How I remember it, you are now crushing over some boy you just had the courage to talk to. You think it's the most important thing to stay up until 5 a.m., just to talk to him. But I must warn you: you will be fooled. Ask him about that other girl he has been talking to. In one week exactly, you will find out. And it will hurt you. He says it's nothing. But think again. Don't get your hopes up. It won't work out. After this summer, you won't hear him again for four years. When you finally see him again, he will charm you, remind you of the good talks you had for hours and hours. But he won't reply to your messages when he's sober.

In five months, you will meet your first true love. You think no one will ever like you. But this one likes you for who you are. Or so he makes you think for eighteen months. You will be hurt again. Don't get me wrong, you will have great moments together. But it's tough to get through it. And you will be se afraid to meet someone new.

Five years from where you are, you will not have met the love of your life. But you will have learned who your real friends are. Who are the ones that stick with you. You will have made a bunch of new friends at Uni and they are the greatest. Your now very close friends will still be as silly as they are now, but they are still there with you.

In five years, you will almost have finished your masters degree. You will worry every time grades are being revealed. But you pass your exams every time and you never have resits. Your summers will be great. You will see the most amazing artists at the best Belgian festivals. You will travel the most amazing places with your friends. You will be co-leading the choir. You will write your own music. You will start a new journey online, with sharing your music and life. And you will start this blog and it will make you feel great.

Someday, after these five years, you will find someone to spend your life with. But you will enjoy the moments without a special someone for 200%.

So don't be afraid. You won't know what to do with your life, but remind yourself that it will be okay in the end.

Lots of love,
21-year-old you.

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