I'm a musician.


Have you noticed?

I play music. I have been playing it since I was 8 years old. (that's 13 years now!)
I love that my mom let me take lessons from that young age, so I could try and see if I liked it.
And I just kept loving it.

I started with playing the recorder during my music lessons. It helped us to read music notes and master an easy instrument. It was obligated in our music class. I don't play it anymore now.

After a year I started with my guitar lessons.
I wanted to play flute, but my parents didn't really like it. And a guitar was an instrument for life. You can sing along with it and I'm quite thankful I did guitar lessons, after all. I think I would have picked it up sooner or later if I started with flute lessons anyway, but yeah. Still thankful.

After 3 years of having classical guitar lessons (which is like the Spanish plucking kind of guitar playing) I didn't really like that anymore. I wanted to learn chords and play songs that I heard on the radio. I was 11 years old by then. That's when I quit my guitar lessons and started playing piano.

I had my piano lessons for 6 years after that. I really enjoy playing the piano. It calms me down when I'm learning a new song. Obviously I started with the classic pieces from Bach, Beethoven, Joplin etc. After a few years I started asking for more pop-songs that I really would love to master, as well as pieces from Yann Tiersen (the music from Amélie Poulin). I considered studying Music at Uni, but my level of piano playing wasn't good enough to prepare myself for such difficult classical pieces. I didn't enjoy practicing them anymore and I figured I would rather keep it as a way to relax myself rather than having to play the piano as an obligation. 

Photo from when I went to London to go record my song at OntSofa! See Youtube Playlist below.

I still kept playing the guitar in between and taught myself soms basic chords. When I was 16 years old, I began taking guitar lessons again. This time to actually learn to play Barre chords. It helped me a lot. I took these for 2 years and now I just play it on my own and search for chords on the internet.

I take my guitar with me when I go to my friends houses and we gather all together and we just sing all together. It's so much fun. Here's an action picture of that, haha. (I really like this picture a lot.)

I took 3 years of flute lessons starting at the age of 14. Yes! Finally! It's something completely different from the other instruments. But I loved it nevertheless. I still keep in touch with my teacher. She was a lovely young woman who is now also a friend of ours.
I quit those lessons too and I only play it at choir practices and performances now. 

I had to quit all my lessons when I went to Uni, because there would be no time left for that! I still kept playing them on my own, at home. I now make some recordings once in a while and upload them to Soundcloud and/or YouTube.

Here's the playlist from Soundcloud:

And here's are some clips from YouTube (playlist):

What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Let me know down below!

Lots of love,

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