Lush Popcorn Lip scrub: review


Hey beauty lovers!
Here is another review for you!

Ha! That's weird isn't it? It's in Dutch!

Basically, it just says:
Delicious coconut oil, sugar and caramel flavour make sure you're an absolute succes!
The crowd is delirious!

Believe me, using this product is like being at the cinemas with a box of popcorn on your lap. It tastes so delicious!

Scrubbing your lips once in a while is important to keep them soft. They won't chip so soon and feel amazing. Just put a bit on your lips, scrub it around (gently) with your finger or press your lips against each other and move them around. If you feel like it's okay, just lick your lips and bon appétit!

Not much to say other than: it's a lovely product.
I don't think it's a limited edition one. It costs around €10 here in Europe.
It's pretty expensive but it lasts forever. You only need a small amount every time.
And it just takes good care of your lips.
I think a little €10 is worth that, sometimes.

Get it now and be amazed!
(not sponsored though. Just really excited about this product.)

What is your favourite skin care product?

Lots of love,

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4 reacties

  1. This is my favourite of all the LUSH lip scrubs, it's so tasty and it works a treat too! x

  2. Ahhh I love the Lush lip scrubs, they are so good and great for getting off long lasting lipsticks!!

    Jasmine |


  3. The best lip scrub! Try it with their vanilla kisses lipbalm, the tastes really compliment each other xo

  4. I love this one!

    x. Kelly //