#NoteToSelf: Call for guest posts!


Hey lovely people of the internet!

Today, I want to switch up this whole #NoteToSelf thing.
I need YOU to help me keep this section on my blog,
by sending in ideas or even do a guest post if you're into it!

My purpose:
I feel like I'm starting to repeat myself every single time. I love inspirational stuff. But I'm so bad at expressing myself about it. So I'm looking for people who are, and are willing to help me with it!

You've got 2 options:

1. Tweet me @charline_st
using the hashtag #NoteToSelf
and tweet your favourite quote (preferably a picture (compostition/design) you've made yourself but if you're not good at it, it can be a picture you've found in the interwebz)
I will then mention your twitter handle and blog in the post and write a bit of text with it myself.

2. Send me an e-mail
at charlineofficial@hotmail.com, again, preferably with a picture (composition/design) you've made yourself, but a picture from the internet is welcome too. If you e-mail me, you can write a text to accompany your picture yourself! Credits to you and your blog will be in the post.

Let the sharing begin!
I'm waiting for you, because:
"Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much."

Lots of love,

Charline Has a Blog

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