#NoteToSelf : V-DAY WEEK


This special edition if #NoteToSelf
I want to dedicate to someone special...


I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been reading, commenting and following my blog. Every single comment is much appreciated. Every time someone takes the time to actually read my blog post, I'm so thankful.

That's what love is all about, isn't it? Appreciation, kindness, understanding, give enough freedom to let them do what they want but being close enough to care and help.

I love this community and I hope it will keep growing.

I challenge you to say 3 loving things in the comments below:

1) Something you like about yourself or your blog (and you can link your blog too, of course!)

2) Something about my blog (anything! what you like, what your fav post is, or a tip to improve)

3) Link to 1 other blog that you absolutely love reading and why, let them know and link them to this post so they can do the same. I want to spread the love with this post as far as possible. 

For me, it would be:

1) I love that I'm so driven to do keep blogging and plan all my ideas out

2) I am really happy with the photography at the moment, although it can still improve a lot, but I'm trying and testing and willing to search for tricks to make it better.

3) I adore Beauty Candy Loves, she's a South African girl who is so kind in my comment section and puts a lot of effort in interacting with other bloggers. She has this awesome blog post series Splurge vs. Steal, where she compares High End products with Drugstore dupes. Go check her out!
I hope she will get this train of love going!

Happy Wednesday!
Lots of love,

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