Hey babes!

This weeks Note To Self:

I only started to have the confidence to say this to myself at about 18 years old, when I started Uni.
Meeting all new people in my class and starting off with a clean slate, I felt like we were all the same.
At middle school or high school, the whole class system has built up so you are divided in "cool people" and "nerds" and "prudes" and I don't know what else. I always felt less than others. Until I started with new people who could think of me whatever the hell they wanted. They didn't know me (yet).

Right now, when someone acts stupid to me, I feel like I'm the bigger person, because they are being childish and I gave them no reason to make them act to me like this.

Stand up for yourself, and just don't ever worry about what other people say or do to you. If they don't like you and they can act their age, they will leave you alone. That's what I do with people I don't particularly like. If they don't act the same, you are the bigger person.

Don't ever forget that.

Lots of love,

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