Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: review


Hey everyone!

So, I bought a make up sponge the other day. I tried it out for a bit. Here is what I think about it!

First of all: I have no idea how I can wash it effectively. So it's a bit filthy on the pictures, but I tried to get the foundation stains out. Without succes. If any of you know the best way to clean them: let me know in the comments!

I must say I'm no fan of the sponge. I find it takes away the coverage of my foundation. I really need coverage on my face because I have quite bad skin. Maybe I will use it more on good skin days or in summer when I don't need that full coverage.

I also don't really get how you can use it when it's damp/wet. I mean, I just don't understand the concept of applicating with a wet object... However, I'm still trying to make it work, I'm just not a big fan of it. I very much prefer my make up brushes so I can really work my foundation into the skin.

Do you prefer make up sponges or brushes? Why?

Lots of love,

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