Top 5 Photography Apps


Sundays are for sleeping.
And editing photographs you took during the week.

Here are my 5 top photography apps.

1. ROL

This is a fun app similar to Snapchat. Only, you take (or upload) a picture and it is sent to 3 random people in the world! Then can then Rol it onto 3 other random people in the world, Bin it (so they don't pass it on) or Share it (on other social media). You can follow the progress your pictures make. The more they get rolled on, the more features you can unlock. (I'm not sure what they are yet, because I'm not that far ahead in 'the game' haha.)

2. VSCOcam

This is the most allround photo editing app I could find in the Appstore. There are a lot of free packs, some of them are available for a small price. There are some lovely vintage filters on there, beautiful balck and whites ones too. You can edit your picture to make it more light or blur it on the sides, creatie more contrast... and it looks nicer if you do it in this app than straight on Instagram.

I really like the graphic design on this app too. It looks so sophisticated and nice.

3. Whitagram

Perfect for scaling in those pictures you don't want to cut off on the sides to fit into a square on Instagram. You can make the borders have another colour too.

4. Moldiv

If you want to make collages, this is the app for you! (I believe it's free.)
Gorgeous square boxes you can fill with your favourite pics, you can get rid of the white spacing in between them too. A lot of different compositions are available in this app.

5. Polamatic

With this app you can fit your square pictures into a polaroid-form. If you ever want to print them out and make a collage on your wall, this is the app for you. You can make it look like an actual old polaroid, they have some beautiful filters for the picture as well as the 'frame'. You can put some text on there if you want as well. Warning: this does not come out as a square so it doesn't fit on instagram (too bad).

What are your favourite photography apps?

Lots of love,

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