Urban Decay Naked 2: Review


Hey beauties!

I recently bought something that was on my wish list earlier: Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette!
I've loved the Naked palette for a while now so I wanted to try the second one out so bad!

First of all: I love the packaging. I do love the felt one on the Naked palette, but this one's mirror is 3 times as big on the inside, so I can actually use it when I'm traveling.

Second of all, the colours are amazing. Most of them are quit light toned, but I like to change it up a bit. I've never had these kind of shades on my eyes, especially not the grey-toned ones. I was very excited to try them out.

I've not yet tried out all the colours yet, but I'll review them as good as possible.

A matte yellow-toned shade. I tried to use it as an inner corner highlighter but it didn't work out for me. I found it covered up my dark (purple toned) circles because it balanced out their colour. I think I might keep using it as a setting powder for my concealer.

Half Baked:
This one is also in the Naked (1) Palette. It's a gorgeous gold glittery colour. I wear it over the more matte shades to pimp it up when I go out in the evening. I've used it a lot in the original palette.

A shimmery highlight colour that is perfect for your inner corner.

This one is absolutely my favourite shade of the entire palette! It's a beautiful shimmery copper colour. I find this shade so unique and I'm eager to try and do a make up look with this one. Definitely going to experiment a lot with this colour.

A matte beige colour. Reminds me of the Naked colour in the first palette, but it's more warm toned. This shade is a good base for all-over-the-lid.

Another glittery shade, this time bronze coloured. Reminds me of the On and On Bronze Colour Tattoo from Maybelline that I'm using all the time right now, so I definitely love this shade a lot. It's a lovely crease colour for everyday make up.

A shimmery beige colour. I've not used this one yet, because I find it very light. I think it will be nice to put in the middle of the lid to give it an extra 'glow' or something. I'm not too sure how to use this one yet.

Shimmery grey colour. Same as the previous one, I have not used this one yet but I think it will be nice for a base if I'm going for a more sparkly look.

I don't know why this one is so far up in the palette, I feel like it belongs in the front next to the other highlight colours. It is a lovely light grey glitter shadow that I will definitely use for party looks to put in the inner corner.

Rose gold hoorah! A lovely glitter shade that looks a bit like the copper colour, bur slightly more to the bronze spectrum and with more glitter to it. I feel like it's a big me-colour!

Looks a bit like Hustle from the Naked palette, but slightly more brown. I think I'll use it the same way as the hustle one, to put in the crease. 

This will come in handy to line my eyes! It's a dramatic matte black shadow that will be perfect for that little extra to line your eyes with, or to create an intense smokey eye. I don't think I will use it all the time though. It does remind me of a Too Faced colour in their Naked Eye palette as well called Stiletto.

I know I will use this palette a lot because of the amazing quality of the shadows. I have used my Naked palette almost everyday so I hope I will get a lot of use out of the Naked 2 as well!
Some pictures to compare, although I think most of you will already know ;)

I still think the original Naked palette is my favourite. The shades are slightly too light for me in the Naked 2 palette, but I will make it work and find a way to determine when to use which palette, or mix the two up together!

No, this doesn't mean I'm saving up for the Naked 3 now. 
Those colours are far too rosy for me and I know they won't suit me and I won't use them enough, so I feel like it would be a waste of money. The combination of these two palettes are more than I could have ever wished for.

Let me know if you have one of the 3 Urban Decay Naked palettes and which one you prefer!

Lots of love,

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