What I'm listening to: #2 February


Oscar and the Wolf - Freed From Desire
...because I had to give a shoutout to the upcoming Belgian musicians of Oscar and the Wolf. They are making lovely music and this cover of Freed From Desire is just so hypnotizing.

Villafan - Believe (Live at Hope)
...because he's an amazing musician, amazing singer and amazing human being. I wanted to have you listen to my friend's music. I am dying for the day I can meet him in real life when he comes to Europe!

Shannon Saunders - Colour Me Green
...because I've been to her concert in Birmingham recently and I've been obsessing over this girl even more since then! She turned her style around and I very much like it.

Ed Sheeran - Take It Back
...because this is one of my favourite songs on his recent album. I love the rhythm of it. I'm gonna have to learn how to do the rapping thing though...

Fink - Looking Too Closely
...because I love Fink just too much. I especially wanted to share this videoclip with you guys because I think it's brilliant. Simple, but brilliant.

Those are my 5 songs of the moment. What are your favourites? Let me know down below what I should listen to next month! Maybe I will discover some jewels. 

Lots of love,

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