100 days Make Up Spending Ban


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I am such a shopaholic, especially when it comes to make up.
I really need to do this, before I run out of all my money.

I am going to try and stop myself from buying any make up for the next 100 days.
If I calculated right, starting today, this means I can start buying make up again on the 1st of July.
I really think I should start saving up some money.

I'm just going on a spending ban for make up. (So unless I run out of my favourite mascara or concealer, which are the most obvious things at the moment, I won't buy anything new.)
It's going to be hard, given the fact that I follow hundreds of beauty blogs.

I'm hoping to save some money so I can buy my most wished for items when I'm in the UK in July.

Sooo... Do you think I can keep up with this?
It's going to be tempting... I will force myself to not go into any make up shops when I'm in the city. Instead I'll just buy the essentials, like clothes, shoes, earrings.........  ;-)

Please support me in this journey and remind me from time to time: don't buy any make up!

Lots of love,

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10 reacties

  1. I actually think this is a great idea. In the blogging world it is so easy to get wrapped up in consumerism when we see new products being talked about or when we feel the pressure to buy items to blog about ourselves - but we should remember that blind consumption is never good so I really commend and respect you for taking the 100 days challenge!

    Rae | love from berlin

    1. Thanks! You all need to stand by me though, I hope I can make it until the end. It's going to be sooo hard :( haha. x

  2. i think my husband will appreciate me doing this :P lol i may give it go! (maybe towards the end of the year though;)) xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstick

    1. Haha, maybe you should :D Let me know when you do! x

  3. Looking forward to seeing how you go with this! Best of luck! xx

    1. Thanks! I'm really going to need all the support :D x

  4. Good luck!
    Where are you going in the UK and what do you plan to buy? A Mulberry bag? ;)

    Clémentine | <a href="http://ravacholle.blogspot.com>Ravacholle</a>

    1. I'm going to London! I wish I had the moneyzzz for a Mulberry bag... :( No I just really want to buy some high-end make up that we don't have here, like the new Nars foundation, an Hourglass blush, you know :) x