Drugstore make up haul


This is my very last drugstore haul for a long time!
Next Monday I'm going to do a 100 days spending ban for all make up items.
I went to the drugstore to make one final buy. There's a Mac haul coming up on Sunday as well, so be prepared for a lot of hauling.

First thing I picked up is a nail polish from Essie. I love their formula so much so I couldn't resist buying a summery shade. This one is called Peach Daiquiri. It's a pinky-peach shade and I'm already in love with it.

Next thing is the The Balm Schwing black liquid liner. I have heard Shaaanxo rave about it for a long time so I thought I'd give it a go.

Next I picked up two Real Techniques brushes - finally! I've never owned any of their brushes. The purple one is the Shading brush and I thought it would be perfect for brow bone highlighting. I know I don't clean my brushes enough. Especially not my eye brushes. They are always full of other shades of eyeshadow - which is not too big of a problem for actual eyeshadow, but if my brow bone is full of glitter or a darker shade of eyeshadow, it wouldn't look good. I though I would keep this one for only that, so I always have a 'clean' brush to put my highlight on.

The pink brush is the Setting brush and I think it's meant to be for setting your undereye concealer or whatever... I though it was the perfect shape for highlighting my cheeks! I don't really own a separate brush for that, so I wanted to buy this one for quite some time to do that.

What did you pick up from the drugstore lately? Did you like it?

Lots of love,

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