Favourite Things - March


Hey lovely readers,

Gosh, March is almost over already.
It's time for my monthly favourites again!


Because Spring is dawning upon us, I was getting in the mood with this lovely YSL Bleus Lumière eyeshadow palette.The coral shades in this palette are so wonderful. I used it so much last summer. It was a limited edition collectors item that I just had to buy!


I bought the Maybelline Fit Me! concealer this month because I really wanted to try out a new one. The shade 10 matches my skin tone perfectly and I love the creamy consistency. It reminds me of the Nars and the Bobbi Brown concealers, packaging wise. (I don't know if they are comparable because I never tried the others.) I have been using this concealer every day this month.


This one was a first for me, but I tried out the Body Shop Shea Body Butter. This. Smells. Amazing. I really love the consistency of this specific one. I bought the coconut one too and I really hated that one. But this one is so soft and creamy.


I bought something crazy a while ago. It's a hair chalk thingy from Essence called Rock Style Hair Dye Powder. I tried it out this month because 1) I wanted to try it out all my life and 2) I had the perfect excuse for doing this crazy thing to my hair because of Carnaval in Belgium. If it sucked, it was still acceptable because everyone was dressed. I noticed that it gave my hair such a subtle hint of purple to it so I can use a little bit on a normal day, just to add a crazy purple lock in my hair.


What a surprise: it's a candle!
I bought this candle from Skandinavisk called SNÖ. It says it smells of the snow. I'm not sure how it's supposed to smell like snow, but it smells like a mens perfume to me. It simply a very nice home scent. I love how they look too. All the Skandinavisk candles have such nice names, lovely smells and very nice packaging.


Another surprise: a rose gold ring! I'm very into rose gold accessories at the moment. I ordered this one from I.Ma.Gi.N and I must say it was quite pricey, but I just wear it every single day.


Last but not least are my new sneakers from Twin-Set. They are covered in lace and have the cutest heart on the heel. They were muchos expensivos but hey, a girl wants what a girl wants. These were the perfect pair of sneakers I was looking for.

What are your beauty and non-beauty favourites this month? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

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