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Hey beauties!

I have been torturing myself by searching for that one particular shade of eyeshadow that I've got in my mind. It's this orange-brown-ish terracotta colour. It's been my mission over the past couple of months to find it.

I watch MakeupByAlli's make up tutorials on YouTube all the time. She does the eyeshadow soooo well and I've got a lot of inspiration out of her videos. She often does a really nice orangey tones eye look, for which she uses the Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Eye shadow palette, which for one is a limited edition palette -but you can get the single eyeshadows in the colours that she is using too- and secondly it's only available in the US. 

She puts the Caramel Shade in the crease and the Morocco shade all over the lid to create this beautiful mix of colours.

I wanted a colour that is right in the middle of these two colours, or two shadows that I could mix together to do this make up look too. I wanted something similar. Oh, and it had to be a matte colour. Yeah, that too.

It's not that easy, if you ask me. But as you can see below, I did try my best already to find something close to it. The swatches are explained below the picture. Come and join me on this quest to the perfect shade of eye shadow!

1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6

First in line is the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, that contains the colour Chopper. I love this shade, it's a really nice copper colour and it's a bit shimmery. Not what I was looking for, but it came close to what I like. I still love it, but it was not the shade I really wanted. So I moved on with my expedition.

This Rimmel Kate cream shadow stick in the shade 100 Rose Gold is so lovely! Again, it is way too shimmery for the thing I was looking for. I am more on the look out for matte shades, as I already lack those in my collection. But this one is a really nice bronze shade and I love it a lot.

I remember Tanya Burr teaching me this trick in her videos. Using your bronzer as an eye shadow can give you the most stunning summery eye looks! I was using the Bourjois Délice de Soleil bronzing powder in 12 fair/medium skin at that moment. It has a tiny little amount of glitter in it, but it doesn't really show through that much. I am not a fan of the consistency because it's a bit chalky and when I apply it to my eyes, it kind of scratches a little bit. That's why I kept looking for another product to create this look with. (This bronzer would have been so great though, because it's quite orange toned.) Other than that, this beauty hack is amazing! You should definitely try it out.

I bought the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette a while ago and was very happy to discover this lovely eyeshadow shade called Salted Caramel. (second one on the left) I was so pleased that this one is in fact a matte shade! HOORAY! This one comes very very close to the colour I was looking for. However I still went further with my quest. I don't know why because right now, I realise this one IS just the right colour. You'll see why when I show you the last two eyeshadows.

So, I thought I wanted it to be yet a bit more of an orange colour, so I went with this rather crazy one from Mac called Rule. When I applied it, I thought it was just a bit too orange for the thing I was looking for. However I prefer the consistency from the Mac eyeshadows over the Too Faced ones. So in combination with a brown tint, let's say Woodwinked if we want it shimmery and Charcoal Brown if want it matte, it can still give me the perfect shade. I love how I can gradually build this colour up. So after all, this was a very convenient buy. Perfect on it's own for summer, perfect together with brown for the fall.

Last but not least I discovered this gem when I went shopping last time. (Haul: here) It's the Givenchy Ombre Couture cream eyeshadow in the shade 02 Beige Mousseline. It's a waterproof (!) cream shadow that I am just in love with! This means it will stay in place all day on my oily eye lids. The shade is  almost the exact same as the Too Faced Salted Caramel one. But as I am in love with cream eyeshadows at the moment, I do prefer this one. However there is a little bit of glitter in it, it's still a matte shade. It just gives that hint of sparkle to your eyes.

I think this is just the perfect colour that I was looking for and I can now peacefully end this quest.

Wowie, I am very determined!
I will let you know when I have another crazy impossible colour in mind that I just can't find. Maybe you can help me next time so I don't have to feel the struggle all by myself.

I hope you enjoyed this post. And let me know: have you ever been in this situation before? What did you do to achieve your perfect look?

Lots of love!

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