Make Up Starter Kit


Hey to all you youngsters!

I wanted to do this post for so long (I can't remember where I saw it)
but I thought it was so helpful to people who are just starting out with make up
as well as for people who want to switch it up a bit.

These are all drugstore products and all very affordable.
Here are my recommendations!

Why? Because Rimmel do such good foundations. They kill the foundation game.

2. Collection Lasting Perfection concealer
Why? Because it is so cheap and it has such great coverage.

Why? Because it is my all time favourite one and it doesn't feel caky at all.

4. Sleek Face Form contour&blush kit
Why? Because I have heard so much about it and I will definitely buy it next time I'm in the UK. Also it's so cheap because you get 3 products in one palette (for only 10£ which is really not bad at all) and you don't have to buy them separately. 

5. Sleek Brow kit
Why? Because you get two different shades to experiment with, along with two little brushes and little tweezers.

6. Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze eyeshadow palette
Why? Because it is SO affordable and it has some great nude and bronze shades in there. I've heard nothing but good stuff about it.

Why? Because Maybelline do such good mascaras and this one is the most affordable one. It's not available in Belgium for me to try out, unfortunately. It's just such a simple product that does everything you need a mascara to do.

Why? Because getting into lipsticks is not that easy (at least it's not for me) and a lip balm is a perfect in-betweener. Revlon has some amazing colours, especially for spring/summer.

Hope this was helpful!

Lots of love,

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9 reacties

  1. If you'd like a laugh check out my latest post on all the silly things bloggers do (hint... a lot of rose gold and banana bread) x

    The perks of being a hipster- 16 things all bloggers know! 

  2. These are all great products for someone who is just starting their makeup collection. A few years back I got to help my sis get her first few makeup products and it was so much fun x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Oh that's so nice of you to help her out! What did you pick out for her?


  3. I have been DYING to get my hands on a Collection concealer. I am from Holland and the last time I went back I couldn't find it anywhere! I have used a couple of your suggestions but I absolutely love the Revlon Matte Lip Balms. I agree they have fantastic colors!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Ik heb de Collection Lasting Perfection concealer zelf wel, maar heb deze ook meegebracht toen ik in Londen was :) Je kan hem normaal wel online bestellen, ik denk dat Boots wel verzendt naar Nederland :) (en ja, ik ben van België! maar blog in het Engels, vandaar)


  4. This is such a great idea, not everyone have the money to spend on expensive brands. But I also think not always the expansive brands give the best products. Some of the best products I use are on the highstreet.


    1. Yes! I do prefer some products from drugstore brands too. Some of the best concealers I use are drugstore ones, like the Collection one. I do prefer high end eyeshadows because I am obsessed with them and most of the time the colour pay-off from drugstore eyeshadows is very poorly. Now I've heard good things about this Collection palette, so that's why I included it in the post. ;)

      Love xx

  5. I love this! I wish blogs are around when I was starting to get into makeup! haha
    Alexis @

    1. Thanks! Yeah me too. Although YouTube is what got me more into make up. I was already using some things but Rimmel Stay Matte powder for instance is something Tanya Burr always recommended so I gave it a go and now I use it all the time! ;) x