Mini Drugstore Haul!


Hey beauties!

So I went shopping the other day. AGAIN.
I just can't help buying some make up whenever I walk past the drugstore.

I ran out of dry shampoo so I had to be there anyway, and I decided to try something else.
Here are the little bits and bobs I picked up!

First of all I'm very sorry for the quality of my pictures guys! I'm struggling as the weather is very grey lately so I can't take good pictures with natural light... It's hard to find a spot in the house that givs me good light :( With that being said:

I got me some Batiste dry shampoos! I've heard a lot about them but have not yet tried them out, so I figured it was finally time to do that. I've tried them out once each and I love the tropical one, it's really refreshing. I'm not so keen on the dark&brunette one. It is really not refreshing for my hair at all and it leaves this residue on my hair that I really don't like. It makes my hair crunchy.
I also picked up the l'Oréal StudioLine #TXT07 volume texturizing spray. I've been loving my Toni&Guy Sea Salt spray, but that consistency is too wet for my hair at the moment, it makes my hair greasy quicker, and I don't have access to the dry texturizing spray from the same range here in Belgium, so I picked up the l'Oréal one, which I guess does kind of the same. It smells nice and lemony.

I went over to the l'Oréal make up booth and tried to search for the Brow Artist Plumper. They didn't have it last time I went shopping in another city, but now I finally found it! It's a tinted brow gel, a very first for me. I've only recently been using brow gel, but it's a transparent one. I find this one keeps my brows in place better, but I do feel that the gel is on my brows and it's dry. With the Maybelline BrowDrama clear brow gel, I don't even feel it's on my face. I don't know if that's good or bad? I don't really like being aware of my brows all the time, but but I guess we have to suffer to look good. However I don't think I'll use this too much.

Last thing I went for is the l'Oréal Super Liner ultra perfection in brown. I've been looking for a nice brown eyeliner, but i would have prefered the felt tip pen. I love the Super Liner Perfect Slim eyeliners, but they don't have them in brown. I gave this one a go and I already love it! It's a felt tip too, but combined with a paint pot. I'm usually no good at them but this one is really amazing. (read my eyeliner-saga here!) I like it better than the Mac ones. I love the consistency and the colour really suits my green eyes. The felt tip is a little wonky and I have the feeling that it's not intentional to be a wonky tip, but it doesn't bother me too much, I can still handle the tool perfectly. Only negative point on the packaging: when I tried to open it and pulled off the tape around it (that's what you get in drugstores, they are all packaged in clear plastic with a pound of tape around it, making it impossible to open without a knife or scissors.) and when I did pull it off, a bit of the gold paint came off with it. Such a shame because the packaging looks so elegant and now it's completely ruined :( haha.

Thanks for reading my very unprofessional review.

What are your recent drugstore buys? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

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