Mini high-end haul


Hey everyone!

Quick mini-haul because I wanted to share what I bought the other day and I can't use them before I take a picture because they will be ruined otherwise (and this is such a first world blogger-problem.)

I went for the Mac Melba Powder Blush and a new cream eyeshadow from Givenchy in the shade 02 Beige Mousseline.

The Mac Melba Powder Blush was very exciting for me because I've never tried a Mac blush before and I really wanted too? Then I read a lot of blog post talking about their favourite Mac blushes and that made me decide the colour I was going for. I really wanted a matte one because I already own a lot of shimmery ones. I didn't want it to be too pink either because again, I already have a few pink blushes. Then Miss Blushaholic wrote this post and I was sold.

This one seemed just perfect. The colour is kind of coral when you apply it and when I put it next to my Benefit Coralista blush, it's almost the same, but matte, which I really like. The quality of the Mac blushes is also SO very good. It's a beautiful colour that I can't wait to use! (swatch below)

This is another product that I'm so excited about. It's the Givenchy Ombre Couture and I picked this up because of the colour. (I've got a major post coming up on this particular colour so stay tuned!) I love this orange sand-colour and I am very into cream eyeshadows right now. This one is also waterproof so it's going to be a holy grail product for me! It's easy to apply, sticks to your lids the whole day and is then very easy to wash off in the evening. I love it a lot. I might pick it up in another colour if I am really enjoying it, something more neutral maybe.

Thanks for reading!
(I am such a shop-a-holic. I feel sorry for myself and my wallet.)

Which high-end product have you picked up lately? Have you been loving it so far?

Lots of love,

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