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Heya, people!

For all you nosy little chipmunks out there, I took some pics of my room.
Let me give you a room tour!

This is my desk. I like to pretend I actually sit on that desk, but in fact, I always end up doing my school work sitting on my bed. When I make scale models for school, I have to sit on my desk. For the rest of the year, I just store junk, loose papers and blog post ideas on there.

In the middle you see a beautiful world map. Every country is filled in with another floral print. I was immediately in love with in when I bought it.

My lamp is from Ikea. Very convenient to be able to put it however I want, bending it in all kinds of positions. Simple but effective and also quite cheap. Love Ikea. My desk and my chair are also from Ikea, by the way!

I've got some memory-boards and planners on the side. The left one is one I made for a school project, it was meant to be a hanger. I put random crap on it, as you can see. Some post cards and some bookmarks, some key hangers and some elastic bands. On the right is a planner that I don't use as a planner anymore, but rather for the magnetic side. There are some pictures on it, some phone numbers and contact cards, things I shouldn't forget. Lastly I keep tickets there As you can see I'm going to the Pentatonix concert in just over a month and I'm going to Rock Werchter in summer.

These are the essential elements on my desk. My laptop, my blog planner, a pen case, a letter holder and some trays I just bought to put some more bits and bobs in. There is a little calendar on the right of the pic that is filled with my personal photographs. 

Here is where I keep my make up, as you have already seen in my Make Up Storage + Collection post.  Behind it are some of my favourite storage items that were in my February Favourites post. On the left of those baskets, you see a bowling pin. I won it at a game this summer when I was following a Summer School with international students. I put it there for the memory. There are some more little pics on the left of the photo, from when I was little. In the front of the pic, you can see I hung up the washi tape that doesn't fit in my holder.
On the right are two more boxes that are filled with school stuff: one is for material and one is for all the things that I need for my paper. In the corner you can see a piece of my scale model.

This is a mind map I have been working on for my paper. It's messy. I know. So is my mind.

Here is where I hide all the material that I need to make scale models: Carton, paper, wood, very long rulers, old plans... Some wrapping paper too for when I have to wrap some gifts :o)

I put this little table in front of the previous mess to hide it a bit. I don't use it for much. It's actually a laptop table (from Ikea again!) that I can put in an angle, but I just leave it in the middle of my room to use it for whatever I need atm. Right now, my camera is on there (well, not while I was taking these pictures, but before and after that) as well as my other lens and my pouch.

Moving on to my bed. My favourite black-and-white sheets are on there right now. They match my little cushions at the end of my bed. (below) I love my Ferm pillow (with the birds) so much. It was rather expensive but it is so beautiful.

On one side, there is this little poof that I bought from a friend that wasn't using it anymore. It's where I keep stuff I have to read. Some magazines, the book I'm (still!!) reading and my headphones, for when I'm on my laptop late at night and everyone's asleep. The little polar bear (as well as the leopard on the previous pic) are cherry stone pillows (that are disguised as teddy bears).

On the other side of my bed is my bed side table. There is a little lamp on it, the third tray of my Hay collection that contains some bits and bobs as well, a bottle of water (because I'm always thirsty at night!) a pen holder, some Nivea cream for whenever I need it, my Lush libscrub and my hand-made lipscrub, a Rituals deodorant and bed spray, an empty candle holder where I put some coins that I earn from playing guitar on the streets, and finally a note block, because sometimes I'm in my bed at night, ready to go to sleep, when suddenly I think of something important I have to remember the next morning, so to prevent myself from forgetting it, I can quickly write it down without getting out of my bed!

This one's hanging up right above my bed. It contains some pics, some stickers, some quirky bits that contain more memories of friends etc. and a dream catcher. I do not believe in it, but I have had it for so long now and I just think it's beautiful.

Okay, moving on to my music section. I have two guitars on my room. One is in it's case, one is standing on a holder that I put on my little furniture piece I designed myself.

I had to make this for a school assignment. It has some open areas and two closed drawers to put all my music stuff in. There are some binders with guitar tabs in them, a dvd from my choir's latest gospel concert, my Fujifilm Instax mini 8 my new sunglasses that I don't know where to put elsewhere, some Pukkelpop stickers I won and some more music sheets and guitar chords I just printed out. I designed this piece to work as a sheet holder to put over my bed. The long side comes over my bed and the short side can be rolled underneath. A little panel can be put up to work as a music stand.
I just don't use it like that anymore.

In this corner is more music stuff. My empty guitar case, my guitar amplifier with some music stands and my flute -that is in it's case- on top of it. My loop station is lying in front of it. On the right is my cajon with some cd's, some bundles and some rhythm instruments on there.

This is the same book case as the previous one (again, Ikea) and it is filled to the brim, as you can see, with loads of books and school material. On there are some of my favourite items in my room.

This is my cosy candle corner that you all saw in my favourites post. I like it very much.

This is my LP player. It love the retro-look and I love the sound it makes. I got it as a birthday gift last year.

This is where I keep the rest of my books, some cd's (that are signed!), a picture frame filled with more old pictures and a maxi-oreo container. I take all of this stuff off of the shelf to take blog post pictures.

Well, that was everything I can show you!
Hope you enjoyed it.
What is your favourite part of my room? Let me know!

Lots of love,

PS: I updated my blog a little bit. I changed my header logo, the font on my page and put the navigation bar in the center of my blog title. Also I took away the borders around the tabs. Let me know what you think about it!

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