Skincare Routine: Clinique 3-Step Program


Hey lovelies!

So, I wanted to share with you my skin care routine.
I have really bad skin and I know it's still not perfect,
but since I've been using these products it's been a LOT better, trust me.

What I do every evening after taking off my make up with a wet wipe (which is NOT enough but it takes off most of it so I can cleanse my skin better) I take my Sonic System Purifying cleansing brush (which I totes forgot to put in the pic above) and put a bit of the Liquid Facial Soap on it (in my case, for combination oily to oily skin). Then I cleanse my cheeks for 30 seconds and next is my T-zone and my chin for 30 seconds. That's 1 minute in total. Because of the sonic system, it cleanses real deep and I really felt the difference when I started using it.

Next up is the Clarifying Lotion (for me, in number 3. It can be too harsh for some people but I think I really need it and my skin is okay with it so yeah :D). I put a bit on a cotton pas and wipe it on my entire face (not too close to the eyes though, it stings!). You will see the amount of grease and rest-make up there is still coming off, even after a wet wipe and soap on a purifying brush. You better not skip this step.

After that I apply the DDML (well, you have the lotion, which is why it's called DDML for short, but I have the gel because that one's better for oily skin). I bought the tube recently because the pump sucks. I can never get the last of it out of the bottle. But I really like this product to follow up my lotion, as it can be drying a bit.

What I do in the morning is apply my Even Better skin tone correcting lotion SPF 20 as a day moisturizing cream and my Even Better eyes dark circle corrector. I love the eye cream because it has a metal applicator that reduces puffiness. (Kind of like the Benefit Puff Off, but I already had this one before that came out.) It's a little bit tinted so help covering the dark circles and is a little bit shiny as well to reflect the light and brighten the under-eye area.
If my skin feels really oily in the morning, I will take a cotton pas with a bit of Clarifying Lotion on it to wipe it off. I never do the soap in the morning: the woman in the shop said it can dry out the skin too much and you certainly don't need to do the sonic system in the morning (even though the little manual that comes with the brush says you can do it twice a day) as you don't need that deep cleanse at that time of the day. Your skin already recovers itself during the night. If I decide to put the lotion on, I will always follow it with the Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel.

Once a week I'll use the 7 day scrub cream, just to exfoliate my skin. It's a really gentle scrub with the tiniest pearls in it. 

I have loved Clinique for a long time now. I rather stick with one brand for my skin care.

I'm still looking for a good night cream that is not too heavy on the skin, since I have quite oily skin already. Does anyone have any recommendations? (I'd love to push my acne back even more since it's so bad sometimes, even though I do a lot to keep my skin clean!)

Lots of love,

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