10 Fun Facts about me


Hey beautiful!

Sooooo... You clicked on this?
Bet you are such a nosy person...

Here are 10 fun facts about me!

1. The picture above was actually taken for a school assignment! It might as well be not, I can be so silly sometimes. I love joking around and acting all giggly with my friends.

2. I have such a hard time at my yoga class, since I can't touch my toes/the floor with stretched legs. I was never able to do that in my life. We always had to at my dance practice back in the days and I was the only one that wasn't flexible enough to be able to touch my toes. The struggle.

3. I can, however, twist my tongue around 180 degrees. 

4. I am very unorganized and messy. For the Room Tour post I did a while ago, I had to clean up my room for a good few hours to actually not be embarrassed to show you my room...

5. In case you lived under a rock or just didn't read my blog every day, my favourite type op make up is eye shadow and I'm really not into lipsticks.

6. I love to watch crime series such as Castle and NCIS. It's the closest I can get to horror scenes. I really don't like thriller and horror genres. But a little bit of police work is much appreciated. It took me a long time to actually watch when they show the bodies. It still makes my stomach turn around if they cut into it. Yikes. But after 6 seasons of Castle and 10 seasons of NCIS, I think I can handle it.

7. I am a chocolate addict, and with chocolate, I mean dark chocolate. I only eat milk chocolate when it's a Kinder Surprise egg. Yeah. That's the only time I eat white chocolate too. I really prefer dark chocolate. Because I like to think I am a real connaisseur.

8. I like to be creative. As a kid, I was constantly crafting and drawing. I still really like to do DIY projects if I ever have the time. I think that's why I prefer baking over cooking: you can make real pieces of art if you bake cupcakes, for instance.

9. I am obsessed with London. I'd love to move there to live & work there. It's just one of my dreams that I am willing to make happen. I hope to be doing that within the next 5 years.

10. I love meeting new people! One of my best friends is someone I met last summer and it feels as if we have known each other our entire lives. Meeting new people everywhere is so interesting. I love hearing new stories and share things with people that don't know about my history. It's like starting with a clean slate and just being able to become friends with someone, and you can't judge each other because of former happenings. I like that thought.

With that being said: I love meeting people like you!
It's one of the reasons I started blogging: to meet a lot of people with the same interests from all over the world. I'd be happy to start a conversation down in the comments or over e-mail (you can fill in the form on the right of my blog if you want!)

If you decide to comment down below, please share one fun fact about yourself!

Thanks for reading up until this point, I bet a lot of people were like TL;DR but you were not, which is very much appreciated. Thanks for sticking with me!

Lots of love,

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