Blogs you should follow Pt. 1


Hey y'all!

Today, I want to spread the love. I'm going to link you up to some amazing bloggers, whether they have over 30k or only 50 followers, they are all amazing and you should go read their blogs right now!

With just over 5000 followers on Bloglovin', this girl is kicking it with her beauty and lifestyle posts. She does some amazing blogging tips-posts as well. Her blog photography is so stunning as well.

Like me, she only started blogging a few months ago. Go show her some love because this girl deserves it. She blogs about beauty and lifestyle, with an occasional fashion post here or there. The photographs on her blog look so amazing.

This girl has been blogging for a few years now and has almost 600 followers on Bloglovin'. What I love about her blog is that you can search under any category and even under the brand you are looking for! So if you want a review on a specific product or brand, you will find it very quick! She also has an amazing Instagram feed.

A lovely London Lady that is just the kindest person I have ever spoken to (virtually). I wish I could meet her one day. She only recently started blogging as well. Posts include beauty, fashion and little days out, lifestyle things etc. I love the cute simplistic design of her blog. Go give this girl a + on Bloglovin' so you won't miss out on her posts!

I am obsessed with the more well-known Samantha aka. Sammi from Beautycrush. I watch her videos all the time, but I only recently discovered her channel. It made me subscribe and follow her blog as well. She has such an amazing sense of style.

This youngster from the other side of the world is only 15 years old and has the most stunning blog. She is an aspiring fashion designer, so she blogs mainly about fashion related things. She also shares her designs on her blog. Go and have a look at that, she is amazing. I also had the loveliest talk with her the other day and this girl is such a wonderful human being.

That's it for today!
I might do this kind of post again in the future.
Don't be shy to leave your links in the comments along with a little description of your blog and why people should go check out your blog. Together we can follow back each other and create an awesome community.

Lots of love to you all!

PS: just talking to a girl who changed URL and has lost her complete followers count on bloglovin' so go give her some love!

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