Favourite Things - April


Hey everyone!

It is time for another monthly favourites!
I feel like the months are flying by like crazy. I've been blogging for 4 whole months now, how is that even real?


I have been really loving the Givenchy Ombre Couture cream eyeshadow in the shade 2 Beige Mousseline. It is such a lovely shade on it's own. It's matte with a little bit of glittery parts in it. I think it's a cream-to-powder formula because it feels kind of powdery when I put it on my eyelid with my finger. It's just such a unique shade and I've been loving it so much.


The new holy grail product has arrived! It's the latest addition to the l'Oréal collection, the Infallible 24H Matte foundation in the shade 11 Vanilla. It feels so light on the skin and stays matte all day. It has such great coverage - so much that I don't even need concealer sometimes - and it stays put on my face after a whole day. I can't say anything bad about it! I did a review on this last month, so if you'd like to read that, click here.


for the body department I chose a fragrance this month. It's Jo Malone's Blue Agava & Cacao. This is such a unique scent and it's almost impossible to describe so if you walk past a Jo Malone counter, please go and give this one a smell. Try it out and smell something you've never smelt before. It's a bit of a heavier scent, although the brand itself describes it as floral. The agava gives it a hint of a floral scent, but I really like the smell of the cacao in it. That's as far as I'm gonna get with this description, I can't compare it to any other scent in the world. Give if a sniff if you get the chance!


This month - and probably every other month since I got this - I have been wearing my black&gold Ice Watch all the time. I like this design so much and I really prefer it over the rubbery chain-design ones, which I despised so badly. I think these are really sophisticated, yet playful because of the rubbery material. They are waterproof as well and you can clean them very easily, again, because of the material.


Since I cut my hair, I have been searching for ways to style it. This l'Oréal Studio Line Curl Power recurling mousse is a lovely product for people with naturally curled hair, to boost them a bit. When I first tried it out, it didn't really do anything for me, because I have naturally straight and flat hair, but I figured if I use enough of the product and squeeze it in very well, then let it air dry, it does give me some waves in my hair. I love a wave hairstyle, especially now with my short hair.


I bought some little decorative trays from HAY last month, which you can see all over the pictures. I love all HAY design pieces and these were in my price range. I always wanted to own some of these and the colours I chose go so well together.They are such a handy thing to have on your desk and they look great too.


I have picked up reading and I have no idea how I did that. I hated reading when I was younger, but since I found some English books, I really seem to enjoy it. One I picked up when I was in London last time is You Say Potato - A book about accents by Ben & David Crystal. It's written in a very funny and easy-to-read way. I'm really interested in the English language - it sounds so much better than my native language! That's why this book is perfect for me, it tells all about English accents in the UK and in the rest of the world. And what the hell went wrong in Birmingham? We finally find out.

That's everything for this month, hope you enjoyed the post! And please do share your monthly favourites in the comments below! I'd love to know all about them!

Lots of love,

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