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Hey everyone!

I wanted to give you some advice. Some little tips and tricks I have been doing or discovering over the past years. Some are old news, some may be new to you.

Intensify colours with a white base

Get yourself one of those white kohl pencils that everyone said you needed a few years ago, you widen your eyes, but is now surpassed by the beige and nude pencils. If you've got your old white pencil still laying around somewhere, go and look for it because it can come in handy this summer. If you want to use bold coloured eyeshadows or kohl liners, but they tend to fade when you apply them and the intensity is not what you wanted: just draw a white kohl line first and then go over it with your coloured liner (or fill in your entire eyelid with it and put your coloured eyeshadow on top of it). It will stay put much longer and it doesn't smudge out and fade when you apply it. You will notice such a big difference! It's a great trick for eyeshadows with a lack of colour pay off.

Widen your eyes with a nude coloured pencil

To continue on the previous one, the trick with the nude pencil on the lower waterline does work. It widens your eyes a lot and it looks a lot more natural than the white kohl pencil.

Keep your lipsticks in the fridge

You carry around your favourite lipstick in your bag all day, but with summer upon us, it can get really tricky real fast. You know how they melt when they get too hot. That's not what you want your favourite lipstick to go through, right? Always keep them in the fridge. It will put them back together if they already melted. If you can't get them into the right shape, you can always put the product in a little container so you can use it wit a lip liner brush. You don't want it to go to waste, do you?

Winged liner trick with eyeshadow

I have seen this trick probably over a year ago on Estée aka. Essiebutton's YouTube channel. She draws a flick with a light brown eyeshadow first, so you can easily wipe it  away if you're wrong. If you go over it afterwards with a felt tip pen or a liquid liner, it's easier to just follow the line you already drew. You won't see the eyeshadow, and you can do the perfect wing with this little trick!

Winged eyeshadow trick with tape

I suggest you search for a tape that isn't too sticky so it doesn't hurt your skin when you peel it off, but if you want a really defined outer corner, maybe paired with a winged eyeliner, you can put a little piece of tape following your lower lash line to create an intense look.

Tame your eyebrows with a clear mascara spool

The title is basically it. Just get some of those little spools and brush it through your eyebrows before applying anything else to them. I do this all the time to pre-shape my eyebrows. You can probably buy these at your local drugstore but you can snap them for free at Mac for instance. They have a lot of tester stuff out in their shops. I don't think they would mind. Or you could wash out the spool of the mascara you ran out of. Make sure it's not too fancy. It's so much easier to fill in your brows wit a powder if you can follow the shape of your actual brows. It looks so much more natural.

What are some tricks that you do to apply your make up easier?
Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

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