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Today's contribution for #NoteToSelf is from the lovely Belgian Clémentine who runs the blog Ravacholle. Go show her some love!

#NoteToSelf: Collect Moments Not Things.
Most of us aspire to have more. To buy more. When I was a teenager my bedroom was filled with crap. I had this big board filled with pictures of my friends and family hanging on my wall, I kept every piece of paper/napkin/flyer that reminded me of good or challenging times I was going through at the time. I also printed inspiring quotes or front covers of American magazines where Joshua Jackson was featured on. My room was a messy affair. It was hard for me to think clearly when I was in there and I really felt like I was living in some kind of whirlwind.

Just before I graduated and because I was leaving on a gap year, I began the process of emptying my room to prepare it for the exchange student who was going to live with my parents. I donated my favourite toys, I threw away all the crap but I kept a few photos. 

When I lived abroad I had the most amazing time and I didn't think at all about my clothes or my stuff that lived in boxes in the basement. I was busy meeting the most interesting people to me because they were living lives so foreign to what I knew back home. On my return, of course I was changed but I still craved things.

Then I met more and more people outside Belgium because I knew English and I had gained a lot more confidence. I came to live with the most intriguing persons for a very short time. They had next to nothing in their house, they traveled a lot and were killing it at their respective jobs. I think this was the moment for me when I realized I didn't need things. I craved experiences.

Back home again, my transformation is not at all complete. I have been interested in minimalism and simplicity for a few years now and I have to say it is not all about throwing things away and organizing your crap. It's a way, for me at least, to fill my life with purpose. I learn to live with intention and I try to question my needs and wants on a daily basis because I truly believe stuff hold us back. 

Of course, simplicity is harder to follow than consuming the news everyday, but it is a more rewarding journey to embark on. There is more to it than what I told you but if I managed to captivate your attention, please google minimalism and read more about it, you will be amazed, I promise.



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