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Today on my blog is a guest post by Caterina from Kateidoscope
She didn't so much search for a quote, but more of a mindset she has. I think lots of us can relate to the fact that traveling is so much fun & experience.

It's short and sweet so have a nice read!
Designed by Caterina herself

Each one of us likes to see new places, new sceneries, new faces. And when we start, we are no longer able to stop.
Or at least I am not.
Once you started enjoying traveling solo it's even worse but it is all because there is a magic in reaching new spots, overcoming our fears and testing our limits and there is a deep excitement in breathing new environment. It is fascinating and it makes you feel alive.

Yes, it's a lust for wonders and wandering. So let's be adventurous and wild: let's go somewhere, already any ideas?"

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