Peachy spring/summer eye look with Mac


Hey everyone!

I recently filled up my custom Mac eyeshadow palette pretty good and I now own a beautiful range of colours for the summer.

I'm going to show you a perfect-for-summer peachy matte eye make up look with all Mac products.
I'm using the matte orange-toned shades today to create a lovely peachy eye look, and I will combine it with a taupe and a golden eyeliner. To finish it off I'm using my Haute & Naughty Lash mascara.

 I use Charcoal Brown for filling in my eyebrows. Brulé next to it is as a base for the rest of my eyeshadow and to put on my brow bone.

I use Rule (orange shade) all over my lid. I put it under my eye a bit as well. I put Coral in the crease and on the outer third under my eye. I also put a bit of Charcoal Brown on the outer third of my eyelid, to give the whole look some depth.

I put Atomic Ore on my waterline. It gives it some sparkle and adds to the summery look.

To make this look not too harsh I take my brown tinted Haute & Naughty Lash mascara (review here).

To warm up my cheeks I use the Melba blush. It goes perfectly with the coral peachy tones on my eyes.

And this is the finished look!
Don't pay attention to my skin though, it's terrible atm :)

If you do this look, don't forget to take a picture and tweet me @charline_st!

Lots of love,

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