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Hey everyone!

I went shopping at Primark and I got a lot of stuff I want to show you!
So without further ado, let's get into it!

As you can see I bought a lot of green-ish stuff so I feel like there's going to be a theme in this haul! I really love this colour for summer though so I'm very happy with everything I bought. I picked up some clothes as well as some home stuff and a few accessories. No shoes! Nope, I always get me a pair of sandals but this time, all the pretty ones were not available in my size anymore. I've got a 38 (european size, which is 5 in the UK and 6,5 in USA, if google's right) and literally everyone has the same size as me! I really need to go to the shoe section first in the future, so I manage to grab at least one pair in my size!

Disclaimer: all prices mentioned are in € because I live in Europe. Prices do vary in different countries and different valuta.

Also, I suck at describing clothes because English is not my native language and I don't know the terminology of how to describe a clothing item on it's shape or material. You're just going to have to bare with me, or only look at the crappy pictures. I'm not a fashion blogger just because of this fact, but I really wanted to share what I took with me anyways. Hope you enjoy!

The first item I got was this gorgeous vest. It has a lovely rounded cut-out on the edges and when I tried it on, I felt like a human flower. Is that weird? It's such a lovely colour to pop on over a basic white or cream shirt and can really dress up jeans. It was €18.

Next thing I picked up is this long cardigan for €15. It's a light one, so it's perfect for this time of year. It has these bat-like sleeves, if you get what I mean (I know there is a particular word for these, but I can't think of it at this point... never mind, moving on) The black and cream goes with anything really and I found this is such a nice staple item to have in my closet.

 Whenever I go to Primark, I can't NOT buy a sweater. I love wearing them around the house, so I usually go for a crazy colour. This one is also in that same turquoisy green colour and what I love is that it has a zipper. Whenever I wear a sweater that doesn't have a zipper, I instantly feel to hot at some point during the day, meaning I have to take it off, but that's just so cold, you know what I mean? SO I prefer the ones with a zipper to sit at home. It's soft and it's a fun colour so I'm really happy with this one.
Oh, this was €8.

Same goes for the T-shirts, I always have to get at least one when I go to Primark. I was a bit disappointed in the range they offered. Usually I've got at least 4 T-shirts in my basket but this time, I managed to only find one that I really liked. (Maybe it's because my local Primark is not that big so they only have a certain range of clothes.- I did really like this Rolling Stones one, with the boho print on the tongue. This T-shirt was €10.

Moving on then, to some more summery things. I fell in love with this green - again, the same green as before, told you there was a theme - top when I saw it! It has lovely crochet detailing on the shoulders and the back and I felt this would be so nice to go to a festival or something. It flares out a bit on the bottom so it's a really loose one. It was so wrinkled though so it really needs some ironing! For only €6 I definitely needed to pick it up.

Another gorgeous one is this jeans flower top. Again, it's really festival-like and I can't wait to wear it! The strands (is that what it's called?) are adjustable and thank god for that! I always feel like they are too long for me, so I'm pleased I can adjust them. This one was €7.

I went a bit crazy with this one. I really wanted to try out a maxi skirt because I had never tried it on before. I played safe with the colour, though. I really like the material - which I can't name because I lack the English word for it - but it's the same material as a T-shirt. I wouldn't wear it at home, but it's going to come in handy on  summer vacation. For only €10 I thought it was a complete steal. I'm not sure about the belt, yet.

I have some tank tops lying around from last year that are cut out quite low, so I never really wore them a lot because you could see my bra if I did. It was my mission to find some bandeau tops to fix that problem and I found these very basic ones for €2 each - what a bargain! I picked up a plain black one and a coral one.

Onto accessories! I did not pick up any jewelry but I did buy a head band that's sooo 60's! With the bow on top, the lace detailing around the edges and the polka dots on the jeans-like colour, this is such a quirky fun thing to put on my head. It was €2.

I also picked up this gorgeous little flower crown. I'm not that into the very big flower crowns, but I dig these cute and fragile ones. I love the colour as well, little cream roses  and even smaller green leafs on a white elastic band. This one was €3.

How could I not buy a few scented candles. I'm obsessed with candles! The purple one was €3 and is Blackcurrant & Forest Plum scented. The bigger, round ones were €4 each (and they have 3 wicks, which you totally can't see on the picture, sorry 'bout that!). One is Pineapple & Ginger scented (it smells so sweet and fruity) and the other is Sweet Vanilla & Coconut scented (yummie!). I love that they have a lid on them. The purple one doesn't, which makes it smell even though it's not burning and it will lose it's smell quicker, but hey, that's the sacrifice you make when you buy cheap candles, right?

Some essentials that I got were these clear cosmetic jars for €1,50 (set of 5). With vacations - and therefor packing light - in mind, I had to take them with me. It's so good to store my skincare products in these. They come with colourful labels too, so you can write down what you put in the cans.

I also bought a backcombing brush - finally! - for €1,50. I can't believe I never owned one. Since I'm experimenting with how to style my short hair, I really lacked one of these so I'm glad I found it at Primark.

 Last but not least are these two lovely blue home thingies. A very pretty printed fleece throw, because I felt like replacing my old one for this more spring-like printed one. I really like this faded-blue-grey-ish colour for home stuff and I just think this would look nice on my bed. It bought it for €6. Then I picked up some more hangers because 1) I ran out of all of the previous one - I think I just buy too much new stuff! - and 2) because these non-slip ones are soooo amazing! Your clothes never slide off the hanger again and they are super thin so you can double the space in your wardrobe by using these. Win-win. Also, you get 10 hangers for €6 so that's a great bargain.

And that's everything I got on my shopping trip to Primark.
I'm so excited because Primark is going to open a new store soon in my city! I'm going to be able to just walk in, get something and get back out, without having to plan out a whole day just to go to Primark. SO HOORAY!

Lots of love,

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