Silver Linings


Hey y'all!

I am going strong with this Saturday-series on eye make up shades. I really like doing this.
So, today is all about silver shades. I only own four of them, because I'm more of a golden kind of girl, but I'm sharing them anyways.

Oh, before your read on: did you catch up on last weeks episode? I shared all my turquoise shades there so go check it out!

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Essence Mono eyeshadow - 02 Flipper
This is just a standard light grey shade with a bit of sparkle in it. It's velvet soft but very hard to swatch, you need a lot of it to actually show up some colour. However it's a nice shade that I couldn't not include in here.

Maxfactor Smoky Eye Effect duo eyeshadow stick - Silver Storm
The silver end of the duo stick is a dark grey shade and is perfect for a smokey eye. It has some sparkle in it too. It's a very nice base to upgrade with some darker crease colours.

Urban Decay Naked 2 - Verve
 Here it is again, this time I'm talking about the shade Verve. It's a pale, warm silver shade and so nice in combination with the Pistol shade next to it and Blackout to line the eyes.

Dior eye liner pencil - Metallic Silver (similar)
Unfortunately this one is so old and I couldn't find it anymore, but I linked a similar one from Dior above. I love having this is my make up collection, it is so sparkly and festive!
There is a Rimmel ScandalEyes pencil similar to this one if you're searching for a product like this!

Do you own any silver shades? Which ones do you love?
Let me know for sure, I would love to try out some new ones!

Lots of love,

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