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Hey everyone!

Today I want to highlight my favourite turquoise shades. I don't have a lot of eyeshadows in this shade, but I do have some eyeliners that I want to include as well.

If you missed last weeks post, it's totally taupe!

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Essence Mono eyeshadow - 13 Ocean Drive
This one is probably the cheapest of them all. It's a lovely matte colour and when I swatch it with my finger, it feels so nice and velvety. You do need a lot of it on your brush to actually get some colour out of it though. I suggest applying it with your finger or pop a white kohl underneath it so it enhances the colour and it will stay on better that way. It's really affordable though.

Yves Saint-Laurent Bleus Lumière (Ltd. Ed.)
YSL eyeshadows never disappoint. Other than their price tag, maybe. This is such a lovely palette, but I just want to talk about the colour on the bottom right. It's such a nice summery colour and the colour pay of is insane. It has a hint of glitter to it as well.

Mac Power Point eye pencil - So There Jade
I use this one a lot when I am wearing black eyeliner. I pop this one on my bottom waterline and bang! Instant upgraded eye look. I love the quality of this pencil, it glides on so smoothly. This one is very sparkly though, so if you're not into that, this may not be for you.

Rimmel Kate eye shadow stick - 103 Pure Turquoise
A lovely matte eyeshadow stick that is just so easy to use. It's slightly greener than the previous ones, but it's so beautiful. It's perfect for a lazy day eyeshadow look.

l'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim - Green
This is my favourite eyeliner, but in a beautiful colour rather this time! It's in between green and turquoise, I feel, but I wanted to include it anyways. I always feel turquoise-y when I'm wearing this one. For the coloured eyeliner lovers here: this is a must-have!

Let me know what your favourite turquoise eyeshadows are!

Lots of love,

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7 reacties

  1. I really like the look of that eyeliner! xx

    1. It's truly amazing, you should definitely try it out!! It's the most beautiful coloured eyeliner I've ever tried x

  2. I loovveee the colour turquoise! Its just soo positive and happy and summery! Love it! And that L'Oreal eye liner looks really cool!! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstickl

    1. It is! I don't wear it too often, only when I'm feeling brave enough :D x

  3. I wish I was brave enough to wear brighter shades on my eyes. I always stick with neutral tones! x

    Jordan Alice

    1. I don't wear them all too often either. I tend to stick to neutral tones on a daily basis as well, but just sometimes when I feel brave and crazy enough, I will wear something like this! :D x